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IT Zero Scalp

The EA works during low liquidity. Stop loss is always used. Automatic lot calculation or working with a fixed lot.

Trades are closed using the built-in algorithm.

News filter is available. (The EA will not trade during important news releases). It can be turned off.

  • Complies with FIFO rules.
  • No martingale.
  • Does not use a grid of orders.


  • Currency pair - EURUSD, GBPUSD.
  • It can be used on other currency pairs after further optimization and customization.
  • Timeframe - M5 (default). It can be used on other timeframes as well.
  • Broker - with low spreads and minimal commission.
  • The minimum recommended deposit is $500. A smaller one can be used but with a higher risk.

Real account monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/bebikovi


  • Show Info Panel - show information panel;
  • Trade Comment - trade comment;
  • Auto MM - calculate the lot automatically (on the basis of the Risk parameter);
  • Risk - lot size calculated based on free margin;
  • Lot - fixed lot;
  • Close trades only with profit - close only profitable trades;
  • Minimal pips for close by filter - the minimum profit to close a trade (in points);
  • Stop Loss - stop loss.
  • Take Profit - take profit.
  • Minimum time to close order - minimum time to close an order (in seconds);
  • Slippage - slippage.
  • Magic - trades ID.
  • Max Allowable Spread - maximum allowed spread;
  • Winter GMT Offset - server time zone (standard time);
  • Start Hour - operation start hour;
  • Start Minute - operation start minute;
  • End Hour - operation end hour;
  • End Minute - operation end minute;
  • Monday Start Hour - operation start hour on Monday;
  • Monday Start Minute - operation start minute on Monday;
  • Friday End Hour - operation end hour on Friday;
  • Friday End Minute - operation end minute on Friday;
  • NewsFilter - enable/disable the news filter
  • Indent after News, minutes - prohibit trading after the news release (minutes)
  • Indent before News, minutes - prohibit trading before the news release (minutes)
  • Enable light news - enable low-impact news
  • Enable medium news - enable medium-impact news
  • Enable hard news - enable high-impact news
  • Your Time Zone, GMT (for news) - server time zone (for news)
  • Currency to display the news (empty - only the current currencies) - currency pairs to display the news (if empty, the current currency pairs)
  • Trailing stop - enable/disable the trailing stop
  • The offset from the calculated level of stop loss - offset from the calculated stop loss level
  • The step of moving the stop loss - step for moving the stop loss
  • Minimum profit trailing in points - minimum profit of the trailing stop in points

In order to activate the News filter function, enable "Allow WebRequest" and add “http://ec.forexprostools.com” to the URL list for WebRequest.

aksoft Pos
aksoft Pos 2018.11.23 07:58 

The Best EA

Thank you

diu 2018.11.20 04:16 

Demo works as expected on EURUSD only, other pairs are not as profitable.

Profit can be increased if hours are optimized like so:

GBPUSD 21.00 - 22.50

EURUSD 22.00 - 23.50

Other pairs can be optimized filtering hours.

Start and End time of trading is StartHour + WinterGMT.

Suggestion: add the ability to select which days it will open trades.

See comments for screenshots.

My observation is: USE ONLY ON EURUSD.

Versión 1.2 2018.10.10
- added input parameter (minimum time to close the order);
Versión 1.1 2018.09.26
Fixed bug with the time of the EA operation