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Totally renovated in 2018 fully automated Sirius Expert Advisor.

Trading is performed on breakouts of price levels, where the price had slowed down during the recent time periods.

Sirius EA version for MetaTrader5.


All dangerous elements that were used in earlier versions of the EA (grid, averaging etc.) were removed.

Virtual StopLoss is always set.

Trading can be performed either with fixed lot or with automatic money-management system.

Broker and deposit

Any 5-digit broker with low spreads and fast execution is suitable for trading.

The minimum recommended deposit - $100.

Currency pairs and timeframe

Trading on EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD or on any currency pair with small spread is recommended.

The used timeframe is H1.

Terminal - MT4.


  • AutoLot - can be set to true or false. If true, the EA selects the lot size for trading depending on the balance value.
  • Lots - lot size is set by a user, if the value of AutoLot is false.
  • Risk - parameter for automatic lot calculation, if AutoLot value is true.
  • DD - the maximum allowable drawdown, reaching which closes all positions.
  • StrategyChoice - can be set to Strategy1 and Strategy2. Strategy1 - startegy of previous versions of Sirius. Strategy2 - new strategy of Sirius.
  • TakeProfitInPoints - take profit in points.
  • StopLoss - virtual stop loss in points.
  • TrailingStop - trailing stop in points.
  • VirtualTrailing - can be set to true or false. If true, the EA hides the modified StopLoss levels from the broker.
  • StartHour - time to start trading.
  • EndHour - time to stop trading.
  • Delta - indent from important price level for position opening.
  • MaxSpread -maximal value of spread for the EA to open new positions.
  • Slippage - maximal slippage in points.
  • SummerAdjustment - adjustment for daylight saving time.
  • EAMagic - magic number of the EA, which allows it to distinguish its orders.
  • CommentOfOrder - comment to orders. Can take any value.
  • ShowInfoPanel - can be set to "true" or "false". If "true", the information panel will be displayed on the chart of the traded pair.
  • Panel_Language - language of the information panel.
  • TextColor - font color of the information panel.

Recommended settings for EURUSD are set by default. If you need sets for other currency pairs - write a private message to me.

By default, the StartHour and EndHour parameters are set for the terminal time zone GMT+2. If necessary, set these parameters according to the time zone of your terminal.

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Have a successful trading.

Tanguen Coksoyluer
Tanguen Coksoyluer 2018.09.28 14:30 

This EA is one of the best EA's I've ever seen. I have it in use and am more than happy.

asaens15 2017.08.07 15:27 

Rented for several months and tried on different brokers ... summary: mediocre performer ... I might try again in the future but not now because rent price increased

Gabor Ferenczy
Gabor Ferenczy 2017.08.02 18:30 

Garbage GRID. Lost 4000+ Euros (-40%)...

Peter Lee
Peter Lee 2017.07.27 11:15 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

Yw Wh
Yw Wh 2017.07.19 10:15   



miak888 2017.07.18 01:29 


Helmut1971 2017.06.13 13:46   

Hi, I rented this EA for one month to test it.

It is not running, I think some indicators or signals missing.

Where can I get them?

Ee Leng Tee
Ee Leng Tee 2017.06.04 05:43 

Sirius result is promising...

Hope it goes long term.

Just not sure how auto lots works.

Martin Lausser
Martin Lausser 2017.06.01 23:06 

Very good for today, 4 very Profit trades.

Hualan Lu
Hualan Lu 2017.06.01 16:39 

new verison work good today, without the problem which placed lots of orders in one times, i use ICmarket standard account, today profit good, thanks Evgeniy work hard and be patient , waiting for next trading, will update status.

Vlad Vasilev
Vlad Vasilev 2017.06.01 10:55 

Siruis EA is working good for now, if continue in long term, then I will rise the rate!

My advice: be patience!

Ivan Shamin
Ivan Shamin 2017.05.28 01:57 

Арендовал данный сов. Работает вторые сутки на EUR/USD. На трех демо. терминалах разных брокеров. В том числе на VPS. За это время ,было открыто всего две сделки. По одной +10.00 USD. По второй -9.00 USD. Итого + 1.00 USD. Офигенный результат. При этом суточный тренд был более 100 пунктов. С учетом стоимости советника, нетрудно подсчитать сколько будут возвращаться потраченные на его покупку деньги. Мое мнение - этот сов.просто игрушка для тестера.

Feng Xue
Feng Xue 2017.05.26 08:00 

Almost a month, and the data on the earnings test is quite different. The EA is just an optimized toy, and it can't make money for a long time. My ICMarket opened several same deals at the same time, which caused me to lose!

Tea-TIme 2017.05.14 16:08 

GOod work, respond really quick. Helpful. :D

eMPeTrading 2017.05.10 08:35   

The backtests look very promising, the EA seems to be very smart. The developer is very responsive and actively participates in problem solving. I rented the EA for a month and will be testing it on live markets for that period. I will updating this review once I'm done with testing.

Versión 8.4 2018.10.16
New strategy was added.
Versión 8.3 2018.10.10
Code was optimized.
Versión 8.2 2018.09.17
Default parameters were changed.
Versión 8.1 2018.09.17
Slippage - new parameter was added.
Versión 8.0 2018.09.12
Adaptivity of TrailingStop to floating spread was added.
Versión 7.9 2018.08.28
1. Trading strategy was changed. All dangerous elements like grids, averaging etc. were removed.
2. Parameters were changed.
3. Trading timeframe was changed.
Versión 7.3 2017.09.14
Opened orders management was changed.
DO NOT update your Sirius to version 7.3 if you have more than one open trade on your account.
Versión 7.2 2017.08.16
Unnecessary parameter was removed.
Code was optimized.
Versión 7.1 2017.08.07
Changed open orders management.
Versión 7.0 2017.07.24
1. Code was optimized.
2. One of the strategies was improved.
Versión 6.0 2017.07.03
Changed the autolot calculation formula.
Versión 5.0 2017.06.27
1. Code was optimized.
2. External parameter TrailingStop for one of the strategy blocks was added.
Versión 4.0 2017.05.30
1. Added parameter TurboMartin, which includes more strategies that use Martingale. If your balance is less than $2000 at minimum allowed lot of 0.01, it is recommended to set this parameter to "false".
2. Performed the code optimization.
Versión 3.0 2017.05.24
Some needed corrections for slow ECN servers were made.
Versión 2.0 2017.05.18
1. New parameters were added.
2. TrailingStop was modified.