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Skilful Huntsman EA

Skilful_Huntsman_EA Advisor is based on the indicators RSI (Relative Strength Index) and the indicator MA (moving average) on different timeframes. Also it uses the CCI indicator and multiple filters.

The EA does not need any kind of hard setup and is ready to work with multiple symbols and timeframes. Ready to go without any particular setup on EUR / USD.

The EA determines the entry point and buys or sells from this point. It sets pending orders in both directions at the N distance. When one of the pending orders triggers, the second pending order is closed.

The deal is closed by a take profit, stop loss or trailing stop.


  • Skilful_Huntsman_EA can operate on any pairs. It is better to use the most liquid instruments, such as EURUSD.
  • It is recommended to optimize the EA with Period MA (2 to 180) for each pair (select timeframe M5 - H4, optimize the parameter Period MA (2 to 180)).
  • Timeframe: from the M5 till H4, recommended is M30.


  • Management OFF/ON - Enable the money management feature
  • Risk - limitation of losses.
  • Lot - Fixed lot
  • Period MA - period of moving average
  • Period RSI - period of rsi
  • LifeTimeMinutes - Expiry of pending orders in minutes.
  • Magic - Any value. When using different EAs as well as multiple instruments.
  • DelOrders - Deleting a pending order as soon as one of the pending orders triggers.
  • Away - distance of a pending order from the price.
  • Take Profit - take profit in pips. 10 is 10 pips
  • Stop Loss OFF/ON – stop loss on or off
  • Stop Loss - stop loss in pips. 10 is 10 pips
  • Use No Loss OFF/ON - breakeven on or off
  • Coefficient (start No Loss) - The level of profit in points, which the position should reach in order to move its stop to the level of breakeven
  • Pips No Loss - points to breakeven
  • Use Trailing OFF/ON - trailing stop on or off
  • Profit Trailing OFF/ON - trailing on or not
  • Trailing Stop - trailing stop in pips
  • Trailing Start - trailing start in pips
  • Trailing Step - trailing step in pips
  • OFF/ON Friday - if true, uses time limit on Friday, if false - does not use.
  • Open Orders Till - time on Friday after which the orders will not be placed.
  • Comment - add your personal comment.
mayamak 2017.03.22 14:44 

Great support from developer, he made update with response to community.

update #1:

Live trading is above expectations! Worth every penny, safe & calm treding EA - that sentence should be describe this EA in few words. 99-100% trades are profitable.

4 Live accounts results - https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/18756#!tab=comments&page=5&comment=3917557

set files used - https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/18756#!tab=comments&page=5&comment=3886037

update #2:

This EA should get Special Award for best EA on the Market! 5*****

一片素白 2017.03.18 16:16 

The author will only receive money, did not dare to publish 10 years of test results, will only use 2 years of test pictures to deceive the purchaser

norrbaggen 2017.03.16 20:57 

Bad. No support from developer.

Luis Teixeira
Luis Teixeira 2017.03.15 22:46 

Stay away from this ea. Unfortunately I bought it - Bad decision. No stop loss - it's a silent bomb waiting to blow down your account.

Mohamed Alghedefe
Mohamed Alghedefe 2017.03.09 08:43 


Yen Hao Su
Yen Hao Su 2017.03.08 08:07 

be careful !! see comments ..

Michael 2017.03.05 10:30 

First day of trading on live account and 16 trades all winners. Very happy.

5/3/17 up 4.2 % 46 trades 46 wins ! Great work Ginta.

Megija Mirovica
Megija Mirovica 2016.10.26 08:40 

Мне очень понравился ваш советник, за первый день взял 100 пунктов на четырех парах. Просадка 0,3%. Супер. Я в восторге.

Versión 2.10 2017.02.14
Added extra order checks.
Versión 2.0 2016.11.30
Market orders replaced by pending orders. Now the EA opens pending orders in both directions at the N distance. When one of the pending order triggers, the second pending order is closed. Added the the user comment function. Added function that restricts the opening of orders on Friday.
Versión 1.10 2016.10.21
Added filter (reduced drawdown). Added the breakeven start setting.