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CandleKim5 is a multi-timeframe indicator for Japanese candlestick charts. It shows what candlesticks are being formed on a higher timeframe. It is a very convenient tool for anyone who applies candlestick analysis . With this indicator, you can easily identify such reversal patterns as Harami, Hangman, bullish and bearish Hammer, bullish and bearish Engulfing and more.


  • Timeframe - the higher timeframe.
    Note: the timeframe of a higher chart may only be two orders higher than the current period. E.g. if you use M1, the you can specify timeframe M5 or M15. For M5 - М15 and М30, for Н1 - Н4 and D1, etc.
  • DrawBars - number of bars on which the indicator will be displayed.
  • CandleUp - the color of the bullish candlestick.
  • CandleDown - the color of the bearish candlestick.
  • BarUp - the color of the bullish candlestick shadow.
  • BarDown - the color of the bearish candlestick shadow.
  • Fill - color filling of the candlestick body, yes/no.
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Versión 2.0 2017.03.31
Added link to developer's webstite