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MyFractalTrader is a advanced EA that trades fractals / support and resistance breakouts.

Its algorithm is to filter and find the most important levels and trade them with pending orders. Orders are always protected with a stoploss and the EA is FIFO compatible.

It has a lot of smart and advanced functions like adaptive trailing, automatic chart price correction (some brokers have wrong price on chart), virtual stoploss , slow executions filter, adapt orders on slippage, slippage and execution times statistics and more.

Default settings trades EURUSD H1 and requires ECN broker. It has been tested on various live broker accounts with positive results. We can help you with broker recommendations.


  1. Test the EA with minimal risk before using it with default or high risk
  2. ECN broker with low spread, small commission and high quality executions
  3. VPS close to your broker for better fill prices and faster execution times

Signals: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/148710

General settings

  • Order comments
  • Magicnumber - -1=autogenerate
  • Maximum avg spread allowed - 0=any
  • Chart price offset - correct the chart price. -1=disable, 0=auto, x=manual

Trade settings

  • Trade direction - choose trade direction
    • buy
    • sell
    • both
  • Stealth orders - hide sl/tp from broker, you can also use this if your broker has min stop limitations
  • Adapt order on spread change - if avg spread change with this many points it will update order settings
  • Adapt order on slippage - adapt order settings to slippage on market entry
  • Stoploss - 0=disable
  • Takeprofit - 0=disable
  • Breakeven - put order to breakeven after this many points. 0=disable
  • Breakeven to - breakeven locks in this many points in profit. 0=disable

Trail settings

  • Trailing start - start trailing after x points
  • Trailing distance - distance of trailing stop (0=disable)
  • Trailing step - trailing jumps this many points
  • Trailing motion length - length in ticks of the motion calculation. 0=disable
  • Trailing motion factor - rubber effect strength factor
  • Trailing delay action - makes a delay when its time to move the stop". 0=disable

Order settings

  • Bars per side of fractal - how many bars should determine a valid fractal. Standard fractal contains five bars (middle bar plus two per side)
  • Search fractal from bar - start looking for fractals from this bar in history
  • Fractal price offset - shift fractal prices by points. positive value increases price, negative value decreases price
  • Maximum orders per side - maximum number of buystop and sellstop orders on chart. 0=no limit
  • Minimum order to order distance
  • Buystop distance - create order if price is this many points to upper valid fractal
  • Sellstop distance - create order if price is this many points to lower valid fractal
  • Buystop expire - delete buystop after this many minutes
  • Sellstop expire - delete sellstop after this many minutes

Filter settings

  • Trend strength filter - 0=disable, 100=max
  • Round number minimum distance - do not place order if the order price is this many points near a round numbers. 0=disable
  • Close if negative slippage - closes market order if entry from pending to market results in a slippage greater than this many points. 0=disable
  • Pause on slow execution for minutes - if it makes two order operations in 2x greater than the average execution time it pauses EA for this many minutes. 0=disable
  • TickRsi period - Nr of ticks to calculate tick rsi. 0=disable
  • TickRsi close level - if tick rsi falls under this value it closes the order. example 20

News filter

  • Broker to GMT offset hours - you can see the calculated GMT time in the "expert" tab after initializing expert
  • Filter events - The news filter is only enabled on high impact news that contains a string match in the event name. "Unemployment" will only filter if the event contains this string. If it does it will close all pending orders 10 minutes before event and re-open 20 minutes after. Leave empty to disable news filter

Money management

  • Lots method - choose lots calculation method
    • fixed_lots
    • margin_mm
    • risk_mm
  • Lots value - lots size or percentage depending on what Lots_method you have chosen

Time settings

  • Time type
    • local
    • broker
  • Daily start hour
  • Daily stop hour
  • Monday start hour
  • Friday close hour
asaens15 2016.10.03 18:39 

Very poor performance. I would not use this even if it was FREE.

Forex Monkey
Forex Monkey 2016.08.16 19:11 

Only making losses for 3 months with a real ECN account. I used ECN broker with VPS which author recommended to me. None of them really work. I asked the author which exactly the broker and VPS that can make a profit. He cannot give me a solid answer that which single brokers or VPS could really work with his EA. He just told me that this is not stable last week and that is not stable this week as well. Finally, this one seems to be good but he would need to test out first. After all, he cannot even find one signal broker which works with his EA till now.

I bought it at $899 and it making only lose for 3 months. I guess it's pretty much a fair review.

I leave this review to prevent anyone else fall into this trap. The bot seems promising in backtests with good reviews and a relatively high pricing. Everyone might think that this bot could really make a lot of money.

My hard earned experience is NOT. The author himself don't even have a single monitor signal with a REAL account. You can make money with this EA on the demo account but the real account is another story. DO NOT trust the monitor signal which author provided with a DEMO account. You cannot duplicate the demo account results in the real account (at least during the time I wrote this review).

I hope someone would write this review before I made the purchase as well. No flaming at all. Good luck with that if you still want to try this EA after seeing this review.

Ichi Moku
Ichi Moku 2016.07.15 12:41 

Pretty much every signal users of this EA had are removed. Including that by the seller.

The only person showing his signals lost pretty much everything he had made...

Isn't there anyone making profits with this EA? I would like to exchange ideas if you actually make some $$ with this...


Like someone else in the comments section suggested, some reviewers are indeed friends of the seller.

And even the ones who lost a load of $$ due to this EA NEVER removed their 5 star rating. Only thing they removed are the signals which showed the big losses.

For a while I'm trying to find someone who actually makes $$ with this EA, but every person mentions they keep losing...

That's why I have to give a 1 star rating...

I will update the rating if 1 person shows up showing he makes consistent money with this EA, even if it is a tiny amount of $$.


not a single person yet, showing that they make money with this EA.

I even think some people got the EA for free in return of a positive review...

Some of those positive reviewers told me outside MQL that they don't even use the EA...

...than why the positive 5 -star review? If it makes $$ woth 5-stars shouldn't you be using it?

antonino 2016.04.12 21:01 

Hello guys, I purchased the expert about 1 week ago and I'm doing it to turn on my live Pepperstone Razor account, with 200 euros initial deposit.

After taking a little confidence with the expert making tests with the mt4 tester, I decided to make it run with 5% risk of eurusd.

Today was very great for me. I realized 36% !!

+35% on eurusd with 5% risk, and +1% on usdjpy with 1% risk.

I used last settings advices by Daniel for less trades but better. Now my account is to 271,52.

I could not believe my eyes! I'm speechless! Thanks Daniel, please continue your work...

trungtnguyen 2016.03.17 00:19 

Good results. Excellent supports. Many thanks to Daniel!!!!

Ara Levonian
Ara Levonian 2016.03.16 12:24 

Extremely smart EA that works in the background earning dollars while I sleep, thanks to creator Daniel who's quick responsive customer service has helped me set up this EA in just a few simple clicks, now I'm just sitting back and watching it work for me! Great job Daniel.

Lars Toft
Lars Toft 2016.02.14 22:06 

Profitable with the right broker. I'm happy.

Claus Kristensen
Claus Kristensen 2016.02.07 21:26 

Very profitable month! Worth the money. So far one of the best fractal traders I've seen in here.

cyberryder 2016.01.17 17:39 

- it's nothing really new, just the next breakout-EA on this market amongst others, where it seems vendors are currently only capable of producing tickscalpers and breakout-EAs

- it has a lot of settings compared to others

- it comes with the usual issues with brokers this type of EA carries with it. I really miss the first 5-star reviews after 2 days with people saying the broker is really cruicial, they got slipped and a VPS, latency and spread matters

- time will tell if its profitable on its own. More time will tell if its better than the other ones

- i can see a small 500 (!!!!!) bucks FXCC live account with 1 month history and a Tickmill Demo as well a FXCC demo

- currently what seems to matter most for the vendor is when he finally can increase the price to catch up with AlgoTradeSoft

- my first tests on live on multiple reputable ECN brokers went not that well. Other breakout EAs did better

- i stopp my testing and investing more time here, because the vendor shows a serious portion of greed and so kicked himself out of the game for me, so i leave this with a 1 star review

Vitalij Rumiancev
Vitalij Rumiancev 2016.01.07 20:13 

Really very accurate scalping EA, with big pottential! Good job Daniel and wish all best in creating new profitable EA's in future!

fetz77 2015.12.30 21:34 

Best EA I ever used until now... will keep you updated. Until now same results like backtest.

Many thx to Daniel for your great support!

Versión 3.3 2016.07.05
array out of range fix
Versión 3.2 2016.06.14
- corrected a leak found in previous version causing some loss of saved array data
- added News filter - disabled as default. Will only filter on high impact/red news if string match is found in event title (customers request)
- added TickRsi close filter, it can be used as as a second dynamic virtual stoploss
Versión 3.1 2016.05.30
Very important bugfix regarding busy context in Adapt orders on slippage function
Versión 3.0 2016.05.25
- Recoded alot of the code to consume less CPU and MEMORY. It is also more than three times faster in Strategytester
- EA is now adding average spread to order settings and money management
- Adapt order on spread change - Replaces order with new one with current market conditions if spread average changes with inputed points or more. 0=disable
- If deviation of spread differs more than 1pip than the ordersettings uses, it will delete order due "not consistent with market condition". and create new one with current conditions. (always enabled)
- Adapt order on slippage - If slippage occurs on market order greater or equal to inputed points EA will correct its stoploss and takeprofit, 0=disable
- Time type - choose from Broker, Local time when setting up trade times
- Trade times, if not tradetimes, all pending orders are deleted. active market orders will stay untouched but can be deleted on fridays with friday close time so no orders are pending or open during weekends.
- More new and more detailed operation messages including executino times and slippages of every operation in "Expert" tab
- Added visual fractals where the custom fractals are
- Added pricetag on the stoporders
- Added fractalprice offsets due user requests
- Bug fix - Spread filter will not remove market orders
- Bug fix - It will now show pending to market entry slippages properly
- Bug fix - It will now calculate the Risk properly (with spread included)
- Bug fix - Trailing delay = 0 will now disable this function properly
- Bug fix - Slow execution filter works and pauses expert for inputed minutes properly
- New Default settings. Trading less but the bigger and more important price levels with half the old size stoploss. This improves Risk vs Reward with over 100%! Price have to travel less than half into profit vs before to make eaven more profit

Note. Alot of the new functions and improvments wont work on Demo or Strategytester becase there is no slippage or change of spread
Versión 2.9 2016.02.29
- Trailing - added new trailing options adaptive to price speed and force (motion flow)
- Trailing motion length - how many ticks it should calculate the motion (0=disable)
- Trailing motion factor - how big the continuation motion effect should be
- Trailing delay action - delays trailing when its normally time to move sl
- auto chart offset bug corrected - may increase results significantly
- slow execution filter bug corrected - off as default
- buy/sell section removed to reduce settings. You can still use different settings for buy and sell by adding EA to two charts and enable only buy on one and sell on the other.
- new default settings. we have changed settings slightly so trades have more room to play out.
Versión 2.8 2016.01.29
- added chartpriceoffset - some brokers have their chart prices shifted with a few points up to a few pips. The EA can now automatically correct the chart price or you can manually shift it.
- added slippage statistics on chart - the EA will automatically show positive, negative, total points slipped, average points slipped. It records the slippages when pending orders become market orders, stop loss and target are hit or when orders are closed in other ways.
- added slippage messages in the expert folder
- added execution times message in the expert folder
- added slow execution filter - closes and stops the EA for 10 minutes if the broker execution time is a bit above average
- added new directional filter - always enabled
- built in price filter - always enabled and removed from settings
- built in recent order price filter - always enabled and removed from settings
- built in fractal count - will automatically count number of historical fractals depending on you maximum order count per side setting
- stealth orders bug fix - it works better and is more accurate. Recommended to use if your broker has min stop level greater than 10 points
- pivot filter bug fix and now has its own distance setting
- level filter bug fix and now has its own distance setting
- prioritised market orders - if buy or sell order is active, the EA will only focus on handling them within the first 10 minutes from there open time
- new section for trade settings
- new section for fractal settings
- little bit fewer signals but better results overall
- strategy tester now runs faster than before
Versión 2.7 2016.01.13
- new ordersend function, if busyerror retries for 5 seconds or moves to next process, shows exectiontime in expert tab.
- new orderclose function, if busyerror retries for 5 seconds or moves to next process, shows executiontime in expert tab.
- stealthmode - added SL/TP security. Fixed tp bug. Properly checks all orders.
- if breakeven is used, trailing will only start after breakeven has triggered.
- added more info on screen.