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This Expert Advisor doesn't trade and can't be backtested.

Trailing Stops automatically update the Stop order price as the market price moves in your favor.

Dynamic Trailing Stop

With a Dynamic Trailing Stop, the stop will trail in the direction of the trade for every 0.1 pips that the trade is profitable.

For example: You buy the EUR/USD at 1.3000(0) and place a 20 pip stop at 1.2980(0) and check the Trailing Stop box to activate a Dynamic Trailing Stop.

  • The EUR/USD then rises by 30.2 pips to 1.3030(2)
  • With every single 0.1 of a pip, your stop automatically moves up. After this 30.2 pip move, your stop will now have moved to 1.3010(2)
  • The stop will continue to rise if the EUR/USD rises
  • If the EUR/USD falls, the stop will remain at 1.3010(2). If the EUR/USD falls to 1.3010(2) your stop will execute and close your trade at the next best available price in the market

Input Parameters

  • Trail = true - Enable/Disable AutoTrail
  • TrailingStop = 15 - Default 15 pips auto trail, Manually choose the trail pip according to your requirement
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