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BBSO Genuity Scalper

Another breakthrough. Using the legendary BBSO range trading module and a Trend module, a Breakout Module, and a Volatility module, this Scalper generates a lot of quick trades in and out using the strongest point of BBSO and its modules the ENTRY. Self Optimizes in seconds ANY Pair on any time frame.

No special CPU needs or fast internet connections or set files or strategies or complicated parameters. Adapts to your broker... just drag on your screen. Using the Black box logic (please read my 2 other product descriptions) and a proprietary Virtual TP with a random pip range set by the user.

Fine tuned and hard wired to produce as many fast trades as possible with built in MM.

0.01 lots are recommended.

Each order has an ATR stop

By widening the TP the scalper can be used on LT charts in a manner similar to ABlackboxSelfOptEA

Live trading on my signal (all the quick trades you see are done with the scalper) https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/206598.


  • Equity Protection: In dollars per pair e.g 1000 means if your equity goes below 1000. No more trades are taken
  • Max spread: maximum broker spread tolerated
  • TP min/ TP max: generates a random virtual TP in pips i.e from 2 to 5 pips (recommended)
  • Three Modules
  • Main Black Box Module: True/ false, MM 0.01 lots per 1000 recommended
  • No orders max : to create steps 3 recommended
  • Trend Module:True/ false, MM 0.01 lots per 1000 recommended
  • Squeeze Break Module:True/ false, MM 0.01 lots per 1000 recommended
  • Use Volatility Module:True/ false, MM 0.01 lots per 1000 recommended

It is not recommended to use the EA a few days before and after a FED meeting.


Todd Griffin
Todd Griffin 2018.10.12 05:14 

Oliver is a very good promoter! He is very helpful with all questions. Despite that i have been unable to successfully get his products to become profitable. He is very active on social media and this site as well proclaiming the quality of his EA but only your account suffers.

Graeme McCormick
Graeme McCormick 2018.03.18 10:52 

This is a great EA. Been trading as my profile says for many years, and is the only EA I would use.

If you stick to what Olivier recommends over the long run you will make money.

The challenging / exciting part of this EA is that it is 4 EA's in 1 x many currencies.

It is up to you as a trader to read the market and currency x many to turn on the specific components within the EA to make it super profitable.

However keep to the basics and its a slow and steady EA with good risk and money management built in.

I will update my review in a month or so as I collect the data.

Update 18/3 - its a bag of shi t e

btoz82 2018.02.24 04:59 

I purchased BBSO and ran it for some time but could not give the time required to optimise, so Olivier agreed to manage my trading account.

Equity went down almost to 30%; losing trades opened on day 1 were held for 6 months; poor disclosure of position management plan when questioned - self promotion with no back up of action.

This is not a fake review. Do not recommend Olivier's products/services.

TheSkylord 2018.02.18 01:43 

I stopped it today, after two month of lose, this is true ! this EA has a high win rate but when stop hits, you aren't profitable, with the last recommended setup from Olivier (who is very nice and supportive) BBSO doesnt make a dollar for me since the beginning.

I'm still open to update my review when i will experience profit for over six months...

The problem for this EA is the problem of every scalper, you simply cannot leave and forget the EA because when a big movement occurs, you're out !

If i was able to be in front of my computer all day long, i would surely get money out of it in turning it on when no big data would be expected.

If you're looking for a good tool for your manual trading it could be it, but if you want an EA to set, fire and forget....forget it.

Yuan Zhao Ng
Yuan Zhao Ng 2018.01.17 10:42 

El usuario no ha dejado ningún comentario para su valoración

bla 2018.01.08 03:00 

Came back to look at this EA after a few months. Lol. It is not even in the top anymore. I guess I was the only stupid one to pay USD780 for this EA. Wish I was more clever few months ago. I should have just used this money to get myself a few hooker instead. The money is considered even more well spent if I were to spend on these hookers.

radharamana 2017.12.25 08:50 

Rip off!! Author will never provide signal for this EA only cherry picking screenshots.

BlueDot 2017.11.09 04:56 

Very Bad EA

I wish I did not purchase this EA from the first time.

I paid 750 dollars and I am a real trader and use this EA with real money account.

tomm73 2017.10.17 12:20 

After two weeks of experience with this EA, I would like to write the first part of my review. I try to be as neutral as possible and do not let things out. With more experience with this EA, this review is continued. Please excuse my bad english.

I was mainly looking for an EA, which I can give a bigger account without having to constantly worry about my money. Of course, I also want to generate profits, but I am experienced enough to know what is realistic. If I want more security, there are smaller gains. After the purchase the contact with Olivier (the author) was quickly established. He called me with WhatsApp and explained me very friendly and very detailed all the functions of his EA. The EA does not have any written instructions, but Olivier is almost always accessible and helps you in every way. In addition, he invited me into his Twitter feed, in which he describes the best settings for the current market situation.

Let's talk about the profits ;-) As I said before, I choosed very conservative settings: only EURUSD and USDCAD, and only on timeframes larger than an hour. Within 12 days I had 7 trades. All 7 were winners, no open trades, in total +270 pips. For that we have a month with low volatility, I am satisfied. As for the assumption that the EA is a simple grid or martingale system, I can only deny it. The reason is quite simple. With the settings recommended by Olivier, the EA can only open one trade per time unit and pair. Margingale or Grid is simply not possible. I guess the people who claim that have simply never had contact with Author.

In summary, I am satisfied with the product. I got exactly what I was looking for. And I am very grateful to the help of Olivier. You can see that he has a lot of trading knowledge.




With my "low-risk stick-to-high-timeframes" approach, it seems that I will have a profit of + 1.2% equity / month. This is roughly my expectations for months with low volatility. These are soon over. Current statistics: Nno open trades, Trades: 13, Profit Trades: 13 (100.00%), Loss Trades: 0 (0.00%), Gross Profit: XXX EUR (434 pips), Gross Loss: 0.00 EUR, Maximum consecutive wins: 13 (XXX EUR), Maximal consecutive profit: XXX EUR (13), Sharpe Ratio: 2.50, Trading activity: 5.00%, Recovery Factor: 0.00, Long Trades: 11 (84.62%), Short Trades: 2 (15.38%)


I have a really busy life right now, so I just let the EA do his work. It is at 94% profit rate, no open positions. With my safe / low risk settings, the EA aims to increase its equity by approximately 18% per year. I'm still at 0.01 Lots / 1000 $, but the trade account is significantly increased.


I have to revise my previous good reviews unfortunately completely. I have always set exactly what Olivier wrote in his Twitter feed. Nevertheless the EA generated huge losses in the last weeks. If I add the purchase price of 790 $, the EA has destroyed about 40% of my account since the purchase. 35% of them in the last few weeks. Olivier can speak very well and seems to be a nice person. His EA is unfortunately not so good. STAY AWAY.


I just noticed Olivier blocked me on his Twitter account. There he tells the current settings for his EA to his customers. Without constant adjustments, the thing makes even more losses. So much for Olivier is a nice person. Once criticized, he behaves completely unprofessional.

I can only advise anyone to stay away from him.

For_Rex 2017.10.09 05:28 

In the beginning I received the settings from Oliver, who was helpful and took care. But the EA was not profitable in live trading (-3% after 3 weeks starting June 28). After contacting Oliver I gave it another try on a demo account. It had some very small profits on the demo account (+0.9% in 8 trading days). So Oliver talked me into giving it a second try on the live account. He gave me the best setiings ("fire and forget"). Meanwhile I have: -8% on the demo account in 6 weeks and -4.5% on the live account second try in 4 weeks. No way to justify to let this EA trade live for me. Disabeled. Draw your own conclusions on this and on the many good reviews here.

Ron David Klassen
Ron David Klassen 2017.09.10 19:00 

-------------------------------------------MOST IMPORTANT UPDATES-------------------------------------------

09.09.2017: I really tried hard to get good profit. But you don't get anything through this bad risk reward system. I tried the recommended settings by Olivier and others. This didn't work. The only way to make long term (very small) profit is to put it on H4 with only one max order, main module only. But the bot is way to expensive so it will take years to to get the money back which I took to buy this EA.

Fire and forget is a lie. You can't just drag and drop the EA on the chart and wait until the profit comes. You have to restart Metatrader every day so that the red bollinger lines get drawn properly.

I only had losses. Even after I have Installed BBSO again.

After two moths of using this, I can say that this is SCAM. Only losses and no good strategy. Nearly every bot with a price under 100USD is better and safer than BBSO.

People will say that I'm a liar, but look at this signal:


Another "safe" H4 Signal:



10.09.2017: Got a screenshot of a BBSO signal that failed Provided by Jorge Tasse:


Backup Link for the screenshot:


He has already deleted his signal:



Thanks to axel.b, who gave me the link to the signal and the screenshot!!!

Sean Buckle
Sean Buckle 2017.09.04 05:43 

So far so good. It's still perhaps a little early to leave an accurate review but 3 weeks in it's pumping out the trades when strategically placed on certain pairs and time frames. There have been a few losses via ATR stop and there have been a few by SL but none on any of the main module EURUSD time frames 15m and up. Over all the win ratio is high and I like the potential.

Machinetrader 2017.08.23 07:43   


Frederick Fung
Frederick Fung 2017.08.21 18:11 

Hello Everyone!

I have received a lot of PM about Olivier EA if its good or not

After using it for a few weeks and even months, Olivier's EA is able to differentiate between a trending market and a ranging market

Try it for yourself! Its really worth it!



我用过了几个星期,就发现 Olivier 的 EA 是可以分出几时是趋势和範圍


Alexander Dubenskiy
Alexander Dubenskiy 2017.08.20 10:18 

Greetings mql5 community.

Trading for now is my hobby, in short an amateur. I'm in systems engineering and database administration full time.

At the end of May of this year decided to test forex waters and purchase numerous EAs off the market as prior to my involvement with forex was mostly focused trading off order flow futures side.

Olivier's BBSO was one of my purchase choices.

Currently feel I've spent enough time with BBSO to provide constructive feedback.

Before purchasing did some homework and noticed something I found a bit peculiar.

In addition to all the positive feedback which certainly seemed genuine and more than sufficient to build a good picture about what BBSO is all about noticed substantial amount of fairly low content abrupt negative feedback while reading through all the comment pages. It was definitely standing out.. As counter intuitive as it may seem, took negativity quite well as it sounded to me so... Artificial and diametrically opposite to positive reviews I thought to my self that it had to be enthusiastic and somewhat amateurish effort to sink Olivier as looked like many were trying soo hard it had very different effect on me personally and I suspect on other discerning folks as well. I'd not be surprised if all that "scam" talk actually made Olivier waay more famous and quite possibly had completely opposite effect (from original/presumed intent) on the visibility and well being of BBSO.

After wrapping up reading comment section was quite intrigued and pulled the plug on the purchase. So credit due where credit due. In addition to excellent effort by Olivier&programmers, and all fine Ladies & Gents who took their time to post reviews and post feedback and screenshots in comment section would like to also thank all Olivier's ill wishers and what it looks like some trolls who have helped with my decision to purchase BBSO. Thank you!! ^^

Now onto the feedback.

BBSO performance? Most certainly, unequivocally profitable! Kinda anticlimactic as have very little to add to what I now know and can attest to as legit performance screenshots posted by others. Currently observing very similar results, possibly a bit lower in accuracy as trading riskier/diverse pairs and still experimenting a bit with portfolio as very curious how far I can push this EA. With EURUSD it is pretty much walk in the park.

When working/interacting with new product/software in general, trying to follow simple rule "know what you've purchased". BBSO is not an exception. Put it through rounds over the period of few weeks on 0.01 live ECN acct before decided to lot size.

Would like to reiterate quickly what Vernen has mentioned in his review as it is supremely important.

Do not mix live tick data with demo tick data or mt4 historical data (big mistake). If you working on an instance which you would like to convert from something else to live acct, purge/delete historical data first as it will only "contaminate" main module optimizer, in another words BS in BS out kinda thing pardon my language. Let chart fill with tick data off your live account over the period of hours and days as well if trading longer time frames so BBSO internal optimizer specifically for main module has something pristine to work with. Also if not working off VPS but home computer when starting your bbso (need to restart computer let say once in a month to load windows updates etc) make sure EA set to 0.01 or turn off auto trading to minimize risk while charts with different time frames fill with live acct tick data and in case if there are gaps in tick data also could affect results. When "up to speed" switch position/lot size to whatever your acceptable risk profile and you're in business and on autopilot. If windows updates force disabled and you're on a very well maintained PC I could see folks could run on autopilot or with minimal intervention for a long time (months?).

Personally split BBSO in multiple mt4 instances to increase mt4 stability and set CPU affinity to a distinct core. Let say mt4 instance 1 affinity set to cpu core 2, mt4 instance 2 affinity set to cpu core 3 etc.

To analyze BBSO (and other EAs) performance I use KL Account Performance Analyzer. Found it extremely helpful.

Now onto backtest/optimization and numerous complaints observed in the comments section about it.


I do not see a reason to use mt4 strategy tester in its default state for anything. Also as Olivier mentioned (going by memory) in one of his YouTube videos and I completely agree with him are there EAs with bad backtests?? (going by memory again) May be few but you see no comments and no reviews as that scares people off. Majority of EAs in the market have close to perfect backtests golden 45 degree all the way up equity curve. :))) If one to take this as an axiom probably 90% of mql5 market EAs are profitable? :) (just asking the question not answering it ^^ ) My impression of limited interaction with mt4 strategy tester is.. So sanitized and backtest environment is so artificial with static spreads for starters that difference with live and even demo account is like night and day. Personally I use TDS/tick data suite to simulate environment as close to ECN/STP/MM environments as possible.

With that said how would you backtest/opimize the optimizer?? :)

Completely counter intuitive and illogical idea to put EA which probably contains linear/sigmoid/gaussian/tanh/square root activation if it is neural network through backtester/optimizer and wondering why whole result looks bad *shrugs*. In short as many have stated please refrain from backtesting or "optimizing" BBSO optimizer you will get bad results. ;)

Next is pretty much everything else in comment section on BBSO besides "BBSO is bad because of backtest" folks. And everything else would be "BBSO is scam, BBSO will make you lose money in the long term".

"Sir why you don't like your car?" "Because it is bad" heh, similar analogy to numerous folks who (going by memory off comment section) pretty much stated "BBSO is scam just because I've said it" without being even remotely constructive in the substance of their negative feedback. May be they think they are messing with Olivier however I think they are doing him good service heh. Was that off data/star trek? Potayto/Potato Tomayto/Tomato.

..It is all in the perception eh. ^^

Lastly some of open positions that may get occasionally into what may looked like heavy minus in comparison to let say 10 open positions that are in a plus, yes I've seen these and decided to dive a little deeper in understanding the anatomy of these trades. For overwhelming majority of these positions if you get MTF dashboard off mt4 market (there are few of these) and let say if seeing open position into what looks like heavy minus in comparison to other 5-10 positions check higher time frames. For let say 15 (i love 15 min) min open position that is in a minus check what 1h/4h/D time frames says. In overwhelming majority of scenarios higher time frames are in the direction/agreeing with of opened position. In short these occasional minus positions will get rocked just like a boat in a stormy waters but in the end will reach the shore safely in a day or two. At least that was my observation. Fairly certain these are intelligent workings of EA in case immediate trade/scalp will for whatever reason miss short term scalp window. Was quite impressed after seeing these occasional minus trades that lurked for 1/2 days eventually closing with a nice profit. Well done Olivier&team!

Of course there are also losing trades which are offset nicely by winning trades. One thing is 100% certain in trading are losses, to simplify, the trick is to have more winners than losers so to speak. In BBSO for every losing trade there are approximately 7-10 winners. If people seeing deep losses in comparison to winners make sure there are no gaps in tick data and things are pristine means old history off mt4 deleted and nothing but fresh tick data off live acct streaming in better even create completely separate mt4 instance with live account and nothing else and set affinity to specific cpu cores and make sure nothing else "renting" their time.

Also there may be a need to up your profit bracket in EA settings. Olivier is very friendly and will be happy to accommodate in that regard. I've reached out to Olivier numerous times and *always* gotten response within couple of hours if not earlier.

Excellent support, completely satisfied in that area!

Most certainly recommend BBSO as a top class amazingly effective EA!

Thank you all for tolerating my rant. ^^ Alex.

p.s. Something I'd like to experiment with is putting (turning on inside bbso) volatility ea/module on 1-2ms vps and seeing if any difference with KL Account Performance Analyzer while leaving the rest on trading laptop. Haven't had the chance yet but planning to give it a shot in August. Heh love experimenting, curiosity just takes over. ^^

EDIT 08/19/2017 Profitable for 1.5-2 or so months (going by memory). Split live accounts in 2 levels/stages. One is demo(stage)/live account with 0.01 lot the other live/"live" account with higher lot value. On a higher lot live/"live" account as it relates to bbso still sticking to 15/30/60 EURUSD only, avoiding 5m and 240m for now at least, 5m and 240m need more tests tho looks like based on reviews/comments few are quite happy with 5m/240m so certainly something to consider. (i do run 5m and 240m on live/demo 0.01 account and still determining which combo of tps for eurusd are the best for 5/240). During testing looking at performance grouped by custom magic number to get profit factor, sharpe, pips and profit/loss (as testing quite a few different eas besides bbso so grouping by magic number is the only way to make a sense out of busy acct(s)). Many magic numbers related to combination of pairs/sub eas/TP ranges/time frames fallen off as being not worth my time and many made it. Now my results i strongly suspect heavily broker/network/account type dependent. Although (going by memory either Olivier or someone in comments stated that bbso can handle any type of broker, it may be so, cant confirm or deny however found out earlier (years ago) forex brokers most certainly not created equal. In my subjective experience more "regulated" broker is worse its performance, less regulated better performance. For me personally good broker means that it has vps in the same building as brokers servers and having ECN account or at least STP. Whatever your choice of broker is I'd recommend to stay away from dealing desk brokers, yes it is possible to make money with DDs but much harder. Said good bye to my dealing desk "regulated" broker and moved strictly to ECN unregulated brokers and never looked back. Regulated/unregulated is a whole different conversation for another time. Very much happy with bbso tho have to admit whomever making decision for bbso purchase are indeed taking a leap of faith due to not being able to (properly) back test. Biggest clue for me was method(s) Olivier use in his discretionary trading per his youtube videos. As i've recognized some of these from wave59 and ninjatrader side as do employ similar setups (in addition to order flow as a trigger) as in discretionary trading on futures side so that was definitely a big "aha" moment which made me realize Olivier is definitely knows what he is talking (and doing) as his youtube setups are sound and most likely profitable. (was one of my first reactions after watching Olivier's youtube videos in early May).

axel.b 2017.08.20 09:10 

This EA is the fastest way to burn your money

on the long run it will never work, never.

here is my live signal


main module with default settings

Ich kann nur jedem raten, diesen EA nicht zu kaufen, keinen EA von diesem Verkäufer,

Lasst euch erst gar nicht auf eine Diskussion mit dem Verkäufer bzw. seinen Reviewer-Gehilfen ein, ihr braucht nur ein Live-Signal (mind. 6 Monate) verlangen, dann ist die Diskussion schnell beendet.

Vertraut nicht auf Screenshots, da werden die wichtigsten Faktoren wie DD oder Open-Orders meist ausgeblendet.

dies ist definitiv meine größte Negativerfahrung auf MQL5, hätte sowas eigentlich nicht für möglich gehalten.


i will finish my signal,

-15% after 3 weeks says enough, it`s only a stupid Martingal-Systeme with 3 pip TP and 100 pip SL;

Can`t never work on long-term, System for Absolute beginners with zero experience

Save your money and Olivier`s talk...


Over 30 Reviews with 5 stars, and nobody show a Live-Account

Reason is simple, there is no account that has survived this EA over 6 months ;-)

every Comment with the same storybook from the fairy king....


Indy1000 2017.08.18 16:33 

Almost a year later I can now honestly say this is unquestionably one of the best EA's on the market. Initially I didn't have the greatest success due mostly to various other builtin modules / strategies which I didn't understand or know how to setup correctly. However with Oliver's assistance we revisited the EA and setup the main module. Since then the EA has produced 100% winning trades, you can't argue with these results!! A well deserved thank you Oliver

Anyone who has used this EA will know it is NOT a grid or martingale type system.

Update: After some time off to develop my own EA's and indicators I've recently reinstalled this great EA to 6 Symbol charts on various time-frames, initial results look great but will advice..

Update: Despite negative comments and reviews from people who haven't figured out yet, or asked how to setup the robot or their signal I had Great July results thanks to BBSO, additional symbols and some basic setting adjustments. July results https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/12092#!tab=comments&page=112&comment=5568324

Verner Nielsen
Verner Nielsen 2017.08.17 23:03 

This is a scalper unlike any other I have ever seen and the self optimization is fantastic. You need to get the setup right and choose the right pairs and the right brokers but when you have done that, BBSO Scalper is a real ATM. And then you'll wonder how many other EA's sell for thousand of dollars and have a very bad live performance and their vendors don't even answer questions where as Mr. Nomblot is always there to guide you.

But be aware backtesting of this EA is not possible and returns false/bad results. Running it on a demo account does also not match the live results. You have to optimize the settings for you and your broker on a life account.

And it is advised to put up the empty chart and let it run for 42xTF minutes or hours before putting BBSO on as it collects the tick data and will be much more successful than if you just pull it on a newly opened chart/pair. So for a 1H chart it should collect for 42 hours prior to getting live.

My recommendations:

-Stick to the main module to start off and if your pair on that TF is losing you might try increasing the TPmin/max and the maxOrder.

-TF M5 can work if tuned right but on M1 it is hard to be on the winning side. M15 and up are better.

-It is recommended to restart MT4 every now and then as the frequent Metatrader updates will interfere with BBSO and you'll lose the red bands on the chart. Also update and restart your VPS regularly.

-Don't download historical data or backtest on your active trading platform.

Update 29.6.17: It's almost impossible to get a major DD with this EA if you handle it right.

Update 19.7.17: There seems to be a war going on with a handful of people (mostly not even buyers!) accusing BBSO of being scam just because there is no signal. But it isn't and it does a very good job self optimizing. I am still profitable with BBSO but take care which pairs you choose and consider news.

Update 17.8.17: The last two weeks have been a status quo. The few losers took up the profit of the winners. But I am using the lower TFs like M5 as well. If you stick to the higher TFs you'd probably don't experience that.

So given all that information you should be able to get along with BBSO. If you can't you either lack the patience, the knowledge or you are on the wrong broker.

Trung John
Trung John 2017.08.16 09:58 

It is totally a useless EA. Don't fall for fake reviews here. Ask any of them to show their track record and see how they respond. Investigate thoroughly before making a buying decision

Randy Katz
Randy Katz 2017.08.08 09:22 

WARNING! Deep Dark Black Hole! Software will eat your account, sometimes slower, sometimes quicker. Also, there is a kind of cult following and duress about the whole thing. Black Box means you can set it and forget it and all is well. This software requires endless fidgeting and changes and must be turned off for news events and anything else the author decides to Tweet on his private Twitter feed. THIS IS NOT BLACK BOX. Beware!

Update: Many users have contacted me that they have lost lots of money and time on this "Black Box". Edited Review 08.08.2017

Markus Goss
Markus Goss 2017.08.05 09:48 

A tool for those who understand to do a correct setup. Others will lose by their own fault. BBSO itself works very reliable and outstanding. Performance varies greatly by the fx pair and timeframe you choose, that's for sure. But vendor support from Olivier is available most of the time and exceeded my expectations by far. The strength of this intelligent product is that it's based on relevant market and trader experience plus proper coding. Of course, there are a lot of cheaper scalpers available. But they all need a high-speed environment and therefore fail very often. Not so with this so called Genuity Scalper. It came, it saw, it conquered - on a very relaxed scalping methodology that makes BBSO so special and unique. Congrats to Olivier and his team for this masterpiece and for his excellent support if any questions come up. Nothing less than 5 stars!

Luke Perrett
Luke Perrett 2017.08.03 11:14 

Just purchased Olivier"s BBSO EA. So far my observations are 2 wins and 0 losses, also Olivier"s support is second to none.

Will update when longer term performance is shown.

jgooi777 2017.07.25 11:59 

It's less than a week of experience with BBSO for me thus far.

Very intelligent system, like a swiss knife. You'd reap much benefit if you know how it works, otherwise, it could hurt.

BBSO is built by a very experienced trader, and the design of BBSO is to trade almost exactly how he would trade, and that is very amazing!

These few days of experience may be too amatuer to say much, but I can tell from past experience, BBSO will not dissapoint us, simply be humble to learn from the master.

Thank you Olivier!!!

Jean Fermigier
Jean Fermigier 2017.07.23 13:30 

Hello All,

I am a professional French Trader +18yrs experience in markets (FX, derivatives, equities). I was awarded several times by french financial medias.

During my passionated life of Trader, I have known many automated trading systems to give an objective opinion on the excellent work of Olivier and his team of programmers.

BBSO Genuity Scalper is awesome !

It is a 4 robots in one that you can run in all market conditions.

It is an intelligent robot who knows to adapt automatically quickly. It's really amazing !

Olivier has put in this robot his great competences of markets specialist (Olivier was notably a great Trader and Director of a major international european bank).

Unlike many professional robots I have known, I can let it run in 24/5 with an important capital. The risk is perfectly controlled.

This robot could be compared with those of Hedge funds use.

I also add that Olivier has a very good personality and is very helpful. I have discussed with him many hours to fully understand all the features of his extraordinary BBSO Genuity Scalper.

I sincerely think that Olivier makes a gift to the MQL5 community by selling this fantastic robot so cheap.

Thank a lot Olivier !

My Signals on my page.

golfguy37 2017.07.02 22:57 

purchased back when it 1st came around.... been using on and off for about 2 years now, but more consistently the last 4-6 months. Best EA hands down i have owned, since then have deleted every other EA i have bought over the years. BBSO has been a game changer for me, i would rate it higher if i could. Plus Oliver customer service is awesome also ... If you looking for the best EA around look no further then BBSO, worth every penny

trader.p 2017.06.28 16:48 

Excellent work done with this EA! I had some mixed results in the beginning and even stopped using it besides on EURUSD pair for a time. But I gave it a second chance after I studied Olivier’s videos and get to know how the 4 modules work. To be profitable you need to follow some simple rules, but than you’ll be happy.

1. Use an ECN account with low spreads!

2. Restart MT4 terminal at least once a day!

3. Use only main module on fire and forget strategy!

4. EA has a high win rate, but if TPMin/TPMax is too low, the few loosers will eat your profits

If you want to enjoy the full flavor of this EA, you have to manually activate de-activate the other modules besides the main module depending on market situation. Unfortunately the EA cannot be run with activated all 4 modules as the conditions have to be met to be profitable.

Support by Olivier is outstanding. Crazy guy! He answers your requests even while driving his car!

Finally, here are some wishes for future versions:

- According to the MinTP/MaxTP a way to influence the SL settings

- Better Trend and Volat module filters if technically possible in order to be able to let modules run in fire and forget mode

- if that is not possible to have a mode to “smart off” a module. That means if the module I want to deactivate has still trade(s) open, but I can switch off the module already. The EA will care for the open position(s) and stop working thereafter

- run EA without restarting terminal at least once a day. I automated that task, but Murphy never sleeps!

- better back-test support

But all of this means complaining on high level!

JGSP 2017.06.26 20:41 

Great guy. Great support. Great product thus far. Highly recommend.

Kyle Heiser
Kyle Heiser 2017.06.20 15:29 

Hello All-

A little about myself first - I have been trading for 5 years seriously 7 years total i'm also a Tech company owner and operator and i take great pride in always progressing in this crazy game we call life..

BBSO, Olivier(Author) and a little dedication is all you need to make it in the Forex world BBSO intelligently trades the market in ALL conditions (SO FAR) This is a very well written and thought out EA and it deserves to be FIRST in the MQL5 market -- I have either bought or rented 100+ ea's from the market and this one has been the most impressive.. With your purchase you get one on one help from a very VERY experienced trader with i might add his Series 7 or 13 licences to trade for others (Hedge funds etc). He also adds you to his TWITTER feed which he posts useful information from time to time based on current market conditions.. This EA has 3 modules -- The main module is what you will use majority of the time however when the market is about to boom the author will send out info via his twitter on which modules you should activate to take FULL advantage of the movement.. I can't speak highly enough about this system HOWEVER i will not disclose how much i have made nor will i give you a expectation on how much you can expect .. All i can say is this is a MUST BUY and don't try to test it with the MT4 tester.. The Tester does not allow his auto optimization per 2000 bars to perform .. Thanks MoMoneyFx.

mosaab 2017.05.17 15:19 

Excellent EA .. deserve five stars .. also author support is amazing

Samuel Achenbach
Samuel Achenbach 2017.05.09 04:16 

If you're a troll; shame on you. This is a beaut EA! Once Olivier has been consulted and the EA has been properly set up, it's really a case of set-and-forget.

I was skeptical when I came across Olivier on YouTube because I couldn't imagine that a true money-making bot could exist. Blessedly my wife had fewer concerns as she has friends from Indonesia who under similarly favorable circumstances found a great investment partner and were guided to steady profits.

Olivier's experience is perhaps the greatest payoff that you get for the purchase of his EA - his customer service is mind-boggling... how does he have the time to diligently reply to what must be hundreds of customers and inquiries daily (let alone fend off the trolls!)?

J.T. Mays
J.T. Mays 2017.04.25 14:50 

After running BBSO for a few months now, I find the main module to be extremely accurate and profitable on M60 timeframe for EURUSD, AUDUSD, GBPUSD. It runs through high impact news events without problems. Also Olivier's service and responsiveness is excellent. One tip Olivier shared is to increase the min/max TP to higher than default setting to increase profit (it works :-)

Figg 2017.02.20 21:43 

Good steady growth that every trader should have in their arsenal.

He is online for ANY question every day. He wants you to succeed and spend time with you until you got everything working and churning money for you.

I recommend this EA for everyone serious about making some dough and at the same time sleep well at night!

Anders Pilstrom
Anders Pilstrom 2017.01.24 12:46 

Hello, i would like to thanks Olivier that he have created a very good ea, i have use it in many different conditions and have

found my way to use it safe ande steady growth.

I hope other people get the eyes on this ea.

Bluemax2016 2016.12.13 19:27 

I bought both BBNN and BBSO within the last 2 weeks. I'm still testing pairs and other settings. Today alone I had 17 closed trades 15 was winners and 2 lost (one open in - $0,30) And I'm in good profit. On this Screen dump the 6,39 trade was manual http://prntscr.com/dizsvb

We have a nice forum where people help each other regarding settings and pair to trade - Its was very easy to be approved to the forum - but well I did pay for my robot ... not sure people who got an activation code from a friend would be accepted. Olivier is arround and helpfull I had a long chat with him on whatsapp sunday night at 10 pm where no one really should work.

All I can say good job with both BBNN and BBSO.

Arief Laksana
Arief Laksana 2016.09.21 04:00 

Good product, thanks Oli

Michael Corbett
Michael Corbett 2016.07.26 23:30 

Great EA. A huge improvement over the original Black box. This is really 4 EAs rolled into one. Start small and test each module. Study market conditions and use the appropiate module(s) as needed. I've been using he Main module and Vol modules with good results. Also Olivier has been awesome answering any questions that I had and even took the time to send me some BBSO indicators. Looking forward to any new products you have coming out.

Pavonine Asia
Pavonine Asia 2016.07.21 21:57 

always happy with Olivier product and he's top notch support, the EA works best on M1 at EU pair.

cyberryder 2016.02.03 22:45 

4 months later... well deserved silence for a vendor who needs serious help.

Ryan Mann
Ryan Mann 2015.12.22 01:32 

I tried, I really did. Just ended up losing money with this EA. Great idea and good support but not profitable I am afraid, I tried for a long time.

Dr Waleed Mahdy
Dr Waleed Mahdy 2015.11.11 12:33 

thanks oliver for your support

good job

thanks for your share

san4x 2015.10.22 17:54 

So far, I have been very happy with Olivier's work on his previous and current project.

He's been great about his service and guidance on both his EAs.

There are also nice videos on YouTube which make this less of a 'black box' operation.

Will report back when I have gathered some trade history.