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BBSO Genuity Scalper

Another breakthrough. Using the legendary BBSO range trading module and a Trend module, a Breakout Module, and a Volatility module, this Scalper generates a lot of quick trades in and out using the strongest point of BBSO and its modules the ENTRY. Self Optimizes in seconds ANY Pair on any time frame.

No special CPU needs or fast internet connections or set files or strategies or complicated parameters. Adapts to your broker... just drag on your screen. Using the Black box logic (please read my 2 other product descriptions) and a proprietary Virtual TP with a random pip range set by the user.

Fine tuned and hard wired to produce as many fast trades as possible with built in MM.

0.01 lots are recommended.

Each order has an ATR stop

By widening the TP the scalper can be used on LT charts in a manner similar to ABlackboxSelfOptEA

Live trading on my signal (all the quick trades you see are done with the scalper) https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/206598.


  • Equity Protection: In dollars per pair e.g 1000 means if your equity goes below 1000. No more trades are taken
  • Max spread: maximum broker spread tolerated
  • TP min/ TP max: generates a random virtual TP in pips i.e from 2 to 5 pips (recommended)
  • Three Modules
  • Main Black Box Module: True/ false, MM 0.01 lots per 1000 recommended
  • No orders max : to create steps 3 recommended
  • Trend Module:True/ false, MM 0.01 lots per 1000 recommended
  • Squeeze Break Module:True/ false, MM 0.01 lots per 1000 recommended
  • Use Volatility Module:True/ false, MM 0.01 lots per 1000 recommended

It is not recommended to use the EA a few days before and after a FED meeting.


Verner Nielsen
2017.03.28 22:31 

This is a scalper that is not really depending on very low spread and fast execution time but I would still recommend a ECN broker. You would probably never get a scalper that is more successful. I tried a lot an this one gets the entries very well done and the exits are ok.

Stick to the main module (it is the most successful one) and to decrease risk set MbOrderMax to 1 and disable the Trend, BreakOut and Volat Module.

-It is recommended to restart MT4 at least once per day as it might get stuck and doesn't trade properly. This is a MT4 issue and not the bots fault.

-The bot places a lot of trades so get an account with rebate / cashback. That will increase you return.

-It might even be discussible to let the bot run on ECB/FED events.

Olivier recommends to delete Extras/Global Variables/ (Shortcut F3) in MT4 from time to time.

2017.02.20 21:43 

Good steady growth that every trader should have in their arsenal.

He is online for ANY question every day. He wants you to succeed and spend time with you until you got everything working and churning money for you.

I recommend this EA for everyone serious about making some dough and at the same time sleep well at night!

Anders Pilstrom
2017.01.24 12:46 

Hello, i would like to thanks Olivier that he have created a very good ea, i have use it in many different conditions and have

found my way to use it safe ande steady growth.

I hope other people get the eyes on this ea.

2016.12.13 19:27 

I bought both BBNN and BBSO within the last 2 weeks. I'm still testing pairs and other settings. Today alone I had 17 closed trades 15 was winners and 2 lost (one open in - $0,30) And I'm in good profit. On this Screen dump the 6,39 trade was manual http://prntscr.com/dizsvb

We have a nice forum where people help each other regarding settings and pair to trade - Its was very easy to be approved to the forum - but well I did pay for my robot ... not sure people who got an activation code from a friend would be accepted. Olivier is arround and helpfull I had a long chat with him on whatsapp sunday night at 10 pm where no one really should work.

All I can say good job with both BBNN and BBSO.

2016.11.21 23:05 

nice EA!

Arief Laksana
2016.09.21 04:00 

Good product, thanks Oli

2016.09.01 19:56 

Almost a year later I can now honestly say this is unquestionably one of the best EA's on the market. Initially I didn't have the greatest success due mostly to various other builtin modules / strategies which I didn't understand or know how to setup correctly. However with Oliver's assistance we revisited the EA and setup the main module. Since then the EA has produced 100% winning trades, you can't argue with these results!! A well deserved thank you to Oliver

Michael Corbett
2016.07.26 23:30 

Great EA. A huge improvement over the original Black box. This is really 4 EAs rolled into one. Start small and test each module. Study market conditions and use the appropiate module(s) as needed. I've been using he Main module and Vol modules with good results. Also Olivier has been awesome answering any questions that I had and even took the time to send me some BBSO indicators. Looking forward to any new products you have coming out.

Pavonine Asia
2016.07.21 21:57 

always happy with Olivier product and he's top notch support, the EA works best on M1 at EU pair.

2016.06.28 16:56 

Rip off!! Author will never provide signal for this EA only cherry picking screenshots.

2016.02.03 22:45 

4 months later... well deserved silence for a vendor who needs serious help.

Ryan Mann
2015.12.22 01:32 

I tried, I really did. Just ended up losing money with this EA. Great idea and good support but not profitable I am afraid, I tried for a long time.

Dr Waleed Mahdy
2015.11.11 12:33 

thanks oliver for your support

good job

thanks for your share

Frederick Fung
2015.11.03 23:50 

I am a user of ABBSO before Black Monday.

I am guilty of not following Oliver's MM before and learnt my lesson since.

There is no doubt that Oliver's experience and dedication to this EA is top notch.

But words can only represent so much.

Here is my signal.


2015.10.22 17:54 

So far, I have been very happy with Olivier's work on his previous and current project.

He's been great about his service and guidance on both his EAs.

There are also nice videos on YouTube which make this less of a 'black box' operation.

Will report back when I have gathered some trade history.