Necessary software environment for interaction between the site and the broker's trading account

2019.10.10 Integración Lo demás

Tarea técnica

Need a software environment that would allow the site to collect data from the trading account (the format in which the data will be received is being discussed).

It's not about an EA that hangs on the chart and sends data to the site, I need something more universal.

Ideally, some kind of software environment (API, DLL with API), which allows you to drive in the login, password and server and the site is connected to the account, loads the necessary data on transactions on the account.

I saw such a solution through the API, although it is closed.

Your questions and suggestions, write in a personal. Budget is being discussed.

Información sobre el proyecto

50+ USD
Para el ejecutor
45 USD
Plazo límite de ejecución
de 1 a 30 día(s)