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Momentum solo


  • No repaint
  • Signal after close
  • No cross-over-signal
  • Several periods of sideways movement will be hidden
  • The indicator will inform about strength in the appropriate direction
  • It is based on a minimum candle size and candle body in relation to the ATR
  • Setting for => only the first signal after a change of direction will appear (not in history, live or with the strategy tester only)
  • For my personal every day use, I take the first signal after a change of direction only (on H1)
  • Works wonderful with "FII dynamic support resistance lines" on my site (it's free)
  • get a better view with my Session-Breakout-Box (my MQL5-Shop-site, it's free)
  • send custom email header and content
  • Alert, send email, notification
  • 4 different trend settings

Settings For My Daily Use

  • Alert_on: true
  • show_first_Alert_arrow_only: true
  • Trend_Strength: 2 (2 for M15, M30, H1 1 for H4, D1 0 for D1, W1, MN 3 for D1 (3 is a shifted Filter))
  • Works good with Major Forex Pairs, Major Indices
  • Entry: a few pips above High / a few pips below Low of Signal Candle
  • TP / SL: "FII dynamic support resistance lines" on my site (it's free) default settings, except start_calc_from=Pivot = 0
  • I use the last Line or Candle High / Low as SL and the next Lines for TP and Trailing Stop
  • alternative TP: once the Body of the Signal Candle and for more, the same size as Trailing Stop
  • alternative SL: High / Low of the Signal Candle (I don't trade after over-size-candles)
2016.03.17 20:43 

Excellent product and seller.

Claus was very courteous, responsive, and professional after I informed him the alert function was not working properly.

Pip Collector
2015.12.09 11:49 

Great product and great seller, really helpful indicator.

Especially if the next year upgrade for the "1st arrow only alert will show in history" could be release sooner \('-')/

2015.09.25 02:05   

Hi....do me a favor and respond to my email request...been 2 days now and I am renting it out and it's not loading unto my platform....


2015.09.09 01:58 

Will be buying this soon, by far best indicator i have purchased on here. I trade London Open and over a 3 to 4 hour window i have been getting 50 to 75 pips with this indicator on a live account. Best indicator i have used. I trade 5 min but mostly 15 min with it.

Version 16.11 - 2016.11.10
- Email header with time and/or date stamp
- Email footer for additional comments
- Second trend filter
Version 16.6 - 2016.05.25
- added a second Price to the moving average
Version 16.5 - 2016.05.13
- shows current Direction of all Timeframes, # = candle is bullish
- shows current Direction of all Timeframes, _ = candle is bearish
- added custom Email-Header / Email-Content
- changed some options to pull-down-menus
- added a moving average to the settings
Version 16.3 - 2016.03.17
- midnight bugfix (alert stopped working after midnight )
- switch long- / short - arrows off, leave the one you need
Version 16.2 - 2016.02.29
close_to_trend - feature
- shows arrows close to the trend
- less arrows, higher probabilities for a re-entry after a correction

former function "Sidekick" renamed to "strong_momentum"
Version 15.12 - 2015.12.08
- Added Push-Notification.
Version 15.8 - 2015.08.24
Momentum-Solo with "Momentum-Sidekick" - feature
- indicates stronger Momentum
- higher probability in non-trend situations