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BB St Dev

BB St Dev

BB St Dev is analogous to the Bollinger indicator.

Upper and lower parts of the Bollinger channel are calculated by means of iStdDev.

iStdDev is a standard indicator of МetaТrader 4.

Moving average has a special smoothing algorithm.


  • M - period of Moving average
  • BandsDeviations parameter - channel generation factor. Apart from classic Bollinger Bands, BandsDeviations can possess any value here.
  • Visio parameter
    • If Visio = False, this indicator will coincide with the Bollinger Bands indicator.
    • If Visio = True, this indicator will show points for possible orders opening.

How to configure this indicator

  1. Make a choice in: Charts =>Indicators List =>BBand St Dev=>Edit.
  2. The indicator's window will appear.
  3. Set parameters.
  4. Create a template: Charts =>Template =>Save Template.
Maksym Mudrakov
2016.08.31 09:15 

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Richard Jehl
2016.04.13 21:46 

One of the very few indicators I rely on and I keep on my charts. Some of my strategies are based on calculating R/R values, SL and TP, considering the bands and the middle line values. I use double bands, with 1.51 and 2.51 deviations. 72 cycles is perfect for H1 as it matches 3 days (72 hours). In my approach TP are always the middle line (dynamic). I find this to be undoubtebly better than classic Bollinger Bands and a lot easier to use. It is not very difficult to built a strategy with more than 50% winners. I plan to use it into an EA. I warmly recommend it. Thank you for sharing it.

Edit : practising with this indicator makes me saying the best of all set up I tried is the one corresponding to 5 days, that is 120 Period for H1 timeframe. I now put 3 deviations on my charts, 1.5, 2 and 2.5. The idea is to take a safe pair with the most excentric value. TP can be the middle line (dynamic) or (safer) any daily pivot (or R or S) between entry point and this middle line. SL with R/R of 1, 1.5 or 2. Reenter the trade is possible with the same rules. I am still satisfied with this indicator and don't take any trade without estimating the price in relation to these bands. Profitable trades are by far more than 60%. I still need to do extended statistical research though.

Chew Ming Hoi
2015.03.23 03:01 

very good indicator and good support from author

Vladimir Blednov
2015.03.20 08:39 

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