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Gold Extractor


Live Monitoring, For Join the signal channel, link in my profile bio

note, Back-test may have some difference from real, cause of EA use fundamental data and US10Y data to predict the gold movement.

Contact me after the purchase to get a bonus!

Brief about, gold/XAUUSD?

Gold has been considered a highly valuable commodity for millennia and the gold price is widely followed in financial markets around the world.

Most commonly quoted in US Dollars is (XAU/USD).

All the times in Forex, Hedge funders and big kids use gold to hedge their basket from market risk. and they use this gold as a hedge. For this reason, gold, holds value well and making it a reliable safe-haven like risk-on risk-off sentiment.

When the USD dollar get some power, big Kids sells gold to buy US dollar and if US get down they Buy gold to protect their assets. Generally gold price tends to increase as stocks and bonds decline.

With technical analysis of live gold prices on the real-time XAU/USD chart, reading economic news of USD and with fundamentals data you can have a good gain from this shiny metal.

So, why we need fundamental information when we can use Technical analysis?

Cause of we are taking about safe-haven pair on the FX market. Gold is like to a alive character, it react fast on the economic news, react fast with change the country policies. And react fast with Inflation expectations of United states.

Now how we can manage all this information together?

We are collect all this information as a complex trading assistant panel in our Expert advisor.

The Gold Extractor EA

Gold is a precious metal, a safe haven pairs, Gold is alive creature... So its nor professional to trade it just with technical analysis.

When the market going to Risk/ON - Risk OFF, US polity changes, Country bond yield changes, they changes all the static technical.

We use online fundamental data and US10Y and Inflation Expectations to trapping gold movement use Scalping strategy + martingale for loss recovery.


  • Nice, complex panel with all functions you need to have. BUY SELL button
  • Trail function, Auto close function, martingale, Auto Close with your desire profit.
  • You have all the economic news/calendar listed on your chart, on your panel + Session market time
  • You have all the Inflation expectations of 13 major/important countries on your chart, on your panel


  • Use ECN (narrow spread) account - 2 Digit gold price
  • And attach EA on Timeframe M15 or M5
  • If your broker uses a prefix or suffix (e.g. XAUUSD.a) you should update names in the EA nputs
  • Please allow web requests to the following URLs for news filter. Attention to HTTP and HTTPS links

Note: Don't forget to add news and fundamental source link on your Allow web request list for news filter and other fundamentals data

Links are here: Read here

Learn about the EA panel

Reviews 25
Jeff Danser
Jeff Danser 2022.01.16 00:29 

I have used this for a week now and I'm very impressed. Seems to work best with default settings. Good work! I'm looking at your other EA's now. If they are as good as this one, I know I will be happy with more of your tools.

prescribo 2022.01.05 17:01 

Excellent EA!!! Just Back Test it and you will see. Of all the EA I tried for Gold, this one had the lesser drawdown.

KingJSR 2022.01.01 05:21 

Until now safe if follow author trade .best filter news ,best Ea

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Custom MACD EA
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Check out other great products from  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/augustinekamatu/seller   The EA analyses multiple currencies and multiple time frames and picks the best entry points based on Tipu MACD which is freely available in the market here https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/17731 . It will look for quick exits where the trend changes. All exits are purposely designed to be with some profit at most times. The EA has in built margin protection to manage risk and exposure. R
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Night Vision Scalper EA is a scalping system for working in a calm market at night. Does not use martingale or grid. Suitable for all brokers, including American brokers with FIFO rules. All orders are accompanied by a virtual stop loss and take profit in pips, the values can be either fixed or dynamic. It also has a virtual trailing stop and breakeven. The chart displays information on the speed of order execution and slippage. Min deposit: 100$, Standard setting for  EURUSD M5
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The main rule of the profitable trading is opening trades in the direction of a trend. You can define the current trend using fractal analysis. Important Levels ResSup displays important price levels on the chart. The breakthrough of those levels shows the price direction. The data panel allows you to track the current trends on all timeframes. The current timeframe's important level values are shown in the comments. The indicator can be useful for traders working by levels. It can also be a par
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Level Wizard EA
Elizaveta Erokhina
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According to the basics of technical analysis market is a crowd which follows certain behavioral laws and always abides by known and well-studied rules. In spite of the fact that market is constantly changing, certain patterns remain the same. Any market movement is a wave, impulse, which has its beginning and the end. In most cases such waves start at one level and finish at the other. Support / resistance levels are supposed to be one of the most objective and universal analytical tools. They
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EA Gold Pro was developed for trading on the XAUUSD instrument ( not GOLD instrument ), but it can also be used on any other currency pairs. To do this, you will need to select other settings in the strategy tester or on a demo account EA Gold Pro strategy : Scalper with pending stop orders (can also trade market orders, changes in the settings). No indicators, only strict mathematical calculations! You can use the Martingale setting, when after a series of unprofitable trades, the EA will incr
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Limit and reverse MT4
Andrei Maslennikov
Limit and reverse MT4 is a flat Expert Advisor with no indicators. Trading Strategy Limit and reverse MT4 trades any currency pair and any timeframe. The strategy is based on accompanying an open position with a trailing profit and reversing it when the trailing profit is activated. The first position is opened with the triggering of the SellLimit or BuyLimit order above and below the current price. Additional control is placing a SellStop order much below the current price - new orders cannot
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Fibonacci System
Maksim Neimerik
The system applies Fibo levels. Apart from basic Fibo levels (23.6; 38.2; 50.0; 61.8; 100.0;), the EA features custom levels (34.0; 36.0; 64.0; 66.0;). You can decide the levels trading is to be performed from. Sample trade: when the market is bullish and the price rolls back to the levels (as we remember, we select the levels on our own), the EA opens buy orders. The opposite is true for sell orders. The EA can work in three modes. Each of the modes is a separate Fibo levels construction method
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If you want to test the functionality of this tool, you can do it trough a DEMO version, that is restricted to work only on EURUSD and USDJPY currency pairs. To obtain it, please visit the following link: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/29594 This EA was originally coded as a back up tool for my personal trades as all of us (Or at least the ones who have left an order open and went to sleep) have experienced the frustration that involves waking up, check the trades and see that in some o
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The Profit30 Expert Adviser, uses 7 different 'price action style' system on the EURUSD pair, on the M5, M15, M30, H1 timeframes.Best optimized perform in m30 chart The EURUSD pair offers in general the best performance in the major part of the Profit30 EAs.  In this EA, a selection of Profit30 systems has been rewritten and configured explicitly for get the best performance in the EURUSD pair. The EURUSD pair offers in general the best broker execution conditions, with the best spread and with
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Eagle Scalping
Fernando Gomez
Eagle scalping is a fully automated Expert Advisor based on 3 EMAs and supporting 4 and 5-digit quotes. This EA provides the best results in an uptrend or a downtrend market.   Main features: Scalping M5, M15 (best results M5) -Main Pair EUR/USD and any other pair -Money management (Risk reward and ratio % based on the account free margin) -Break Even and Trailing Stop -Days and Time Trading Management Recommendations EA Settings: Use default settings or the set file provided. Symbol: EURUSD Ti
99 USD
SparkLight EA
Radek Reznicek
4.29 (7)
SparkLight EA  is a fully automated expert advisor that uses advanced algorithms for the price analysis of the latest trends.  Every order has StopLoss and every order is placed based on the primary or the secondary trend analysis algorithm. This EA does  NOT use  Martingale or Arbitrage strategy.  It can trade more orders at the same time but every order has the same Lot size if using FixedLotSize. SparkLight EA is  NOT  a minute scalper or tick scalper that produces high number of trades per
The adviser includes three independent strategies that work according to the methods of distributing trend phases for working out each of the strategies. The averaging mode is applied, which allows you to bring a group of orders to close without loss. The EA has the option of emergency closing of all orders, when they reach the amount and total profit in the deposit currency specified in the settings. The adviser automatically determines the 4 and 5-digit stream of quotes. Recommended tradi
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Dmytro Oliynyk
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SETIS TREND FILTER is a multi timeframe sophisticated MT4 indicator, created by french professionnal traders and quants experts , in order to detect the best trades for any markets (forex, commodities, indexes, stocks, cryptos and so on...) Quantums France , is a french start-up, that codes advanced trading solutions, both for retails such MQL4 indicators but also python experts advisors for sophisticated investors. This indicator does not repaint and actualize its functions in realtime .
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Scalping trading system is created in accordance with the principle of movement to the average value of the price  Such systems allow you to quickly increase your account balance without risky strategies Index Scalper PRO is suitable for beginners and experienced traders Subsequently, the adviser will be withdrawn from sale in order to limit the number of users and not allow brokers to worsen trading conditions Monitoring my signals: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/neurofx?orderby=gain
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The Reaper EA
Profalgo Limited
4.41 (49)
Live Performance 2021 : +140% growth / Best month: +18% / Worst month: -5% FTMO Challenge ready CURRENT PROMO:     Only 1 copy left at 499$ Price after promo: 999$ NEW: Buy Reaper and receive 2 EA's for free! (linked to 2 trade account numbers) Forget nice looking backtests:  The Reaper EA is already ahead of the curve! Let's face the truth: The biggest problem with most of the automated trading systems on the market, is that all of them show very nice backtests, but only a handfull actua
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GOLD EAgle mt4
Evgenii Aksenov
4.76 (118)
GOLD EAGLE  is a swing strategy ideal for a flat market, which takes up to 80-90% of the time. The GOLD EAGLE EA is optimized for the XAUUSD (GOLD) pair. This is a trend scalping strategy using the TrendLine PRO indicator as an input signal. The EA opens the first order at the signal of the indicator and fixes the profit at a given level, but if the price does not reach the profit and rolls back, an additional order automatically opens averaging the level of the total profit making it closer t
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Mikhail Voropaev
5 (13)
NightTradeEA is a fully automatic night scalper that does not require manual intervention. The EA opens orders only for two hours between the American and Asian sessions. The Expert Advisor has been successfully tested on real trading accounts for three or more years: NightTrade2 Live Account Signal NightTradeRB Live Account Signal The Expert Advisor does not use dangerous strategies that destroy the account: martingale and grid. All trade orders are protected by Stop Loss. The EA   is distingu
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EA Flower
Vitali Vasilenka
4.5 (50)
IMPORTANT! Contact me immediately after purchase to get setup instructions and a bonus! NOW ONLY 990$!   ONLY 3 COPIES LEFT AT THIS PRICE PRICE AFTER PROMO: 1900$ Forget good tests on history: EA Flower is already ahead of its time! The Expert Advisor is not reluctant to resist testing due to the complex HFT system management of trade orders for DE40 Indices (GER40.cash) The Expert Advisor is developed based on the mathematical analysis of the "HFT" price. The EA analyzes the opening and cl
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R Factor EA
Raphael Minato
4.74 (31)
R FACTOR Multi Strategy Expert Advisor with Proprietary Dynamic Portfolio Management System After 4 years of development and more than  3  years  of real positive results , R Factor is available for MQL5 community! It has always been important for us that the strategies performed positively for the creator before it could be shared.   Skin In The Game  is essential to demonstrate the belief in the strategy and also to provide a continuous improvement of it. Anyone who has been in this marke
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YOLO Diamond hands
4.64 (33)
Boosting performance is allowed , Please contact me after purchase about how to get free version of indicator and daily analysis . Upgraded 4.0 to all pairs also good to use . if you want to improve your   manual trading skills   , YOLO is a good tool for you to train your manual trade , if your decision is not too horrible , YOLO will help you TP , and you can start your next decision  PM me after purchase for free version of indicator  Instruction : Here Signal monitor :   Here   Th
2 388 USD
CURRENT PRICE $199..... Future Price $499 SAVE MORE BUYING EARLY. LIVE SIGNAL - CLICK HERE JOIN our MQL5.com Chats Group -   Click Here Take Notice:  You may see a losing day and  then come back the next day or 2 and see the following day has not only recovered but has gone way up in profit. This is how this EA was designed. Pay close attention to the Detailed back test report below to get a feel on how this EA trades. Some Symbols will follow the trend and other symbols will counte
199 USD
Waka Waka EA
Valeriia Mishchenko
4.65 (20)
EA has a live track record with many years of stable trading with low drawdown: Live performance MT5 version can be found here Only 8  copies  left  at $699 Next price -->   $799 Waka Waka is the advanced grid system which already works on real accounts for years. Instead of fitting the system to reflect historical data (like most people do) it was designed to exploit existing market inefficiencies. Therefore it is not a simple "hit and miss" system which only survives by using grid. Instead it
699 USD
EA Golden Elephant
Vitali Vasilenka
4.67 (76)
Anger conquers fear from Thomas Shelby IMPORTANT! Contact me immediately after purchase for instructions and a bonus! NOW ONLY $ 249! AT THIS PRICE, ONLY 3 COPIES REMAIN PRICE AFTER PROMOTION: $ 449 The Expert Advisor is designed to detect a trend reversal by trading with the XAUUSD instrument The intelligent EA Golden Elephant algorithm accurately detects the trend reversal of the XAUUSD (gold) trading pair, filters out market noise and generates entry and exit signals. The Expert Advisor has
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Gregory Hay
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DragonScalper Expert Advisor   has over   +1150% Gain   with Low controlled Drawdown in   LIVE Trading IC MARKETS LIVE   account over   1 YEAR and 7 MONTHS RUNNING. Winning >90% positive months. Live MYFXBOOK Accounts Trading performance for ALL our EXPERTS:      https://t1p.de/1txi Our website www.alnotrade.com Best with low spread GPBJPY broker with RAW/ECN/PRO feed target 0.5 spread (+commissions).  (Major Brokers -    Axi ,   Vantage ,   ICMarkets , etc all fine ) DragonScalper Long TERM St
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Daniel Stein
PROMO ENDS SOON. Congratulations to all those who took the chance to get a copy. Get more information, like FAQs, backtest reports and tips for the right DST/GMT settings in  our SIEA FAQ Send a screenshot of your purchase, and you'll get the set files for   SIEA ZEN   and   SIEA MAX .  So you'll have  3 SIEAs in 1. MT4 can't execute multi-symbol strategies in its strategy tester. Please use the  SIEA MT5 versions  to run realistic real-tick multi-symbol backtest. The keys to success   in tr
1 733 USD
EA Syntax
Vitali Vasilenka
4.8 (5)
IMPORTANT! Contact me immediately after purchase to get setup instructions and a bonus! Real signal: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/vitalvasa/seller The Expert Advisor is developed on the basis of mathematical analysis using the author's "HFT" markup. High-frequency trading, or high-frequency trading, or HFT strategies in financial markets that allow you to transact securities in a fraction of a second. High-frequency traders open and close short-term positions with large volumes in order to m
190 USD
Index Premium Scalper
Aleksei Bordak
1 (3)
Index Premium Scalper - high frequency scalper deigned for index trading. The main trading instrument is DAX (DE30, DE40, GER40), the trading instrument name depends on the broker. It can also be used on other indices and some currency pairs, but the results are not confirmed and need to be verified.  Real trading results https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/1200860 EA show best results with this broker https://bit.ly/30Cc6J3 Working time frame M1 (It can also be used on time frame M5) Testing the E
380 USD
Blazing Night Scalper MT4
Scott Fredeman
4.88 (16)
CURRENT PRICE $299.  Future price will be $499. MT5 Version - Click Here Early Users of Blazing Night Scalper get the lowest price. JOIN our MQL5.com Chats Group -   Click Here Warning: I only sell EA's through MQL5.com. If someone contacts you saying it is me trying to sell you something, they are a Scammer. Block and report them as spam. If you purchase this EA anywhere besides MQL5 it is a Fake version that will not work like the real version and you will never receive updates or
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Fundamental Trader
Sara Sabaghi
5 (6)
Live Monitoring Join te legram community group for this EA,   Link on my bio Read more about the EA and EA manual Read about the panel components We are in 50% Discount, $800 set to $398 Contact me after the purchase to get a bonus! ZIWOX FUNDAMENTAL TRADER  Ziwox Fundamental trader is a trading assistant that helps financial markets traders reach smart decisions informed by the latest fundamental data, market trend, sentiment, economic news, and forecast. This EA use online source to catch a
399 USD
5 (1)
Price might change anytime  Important: We upgrade at least one time per month and maintain high quality of using experience . Please always keep the newest version . 80% from database analysis , 20% use brokers data , always do not rely on brokers data all the time . News filter added into DB / Will investigate impact news data Signals monitors   :    Here Instruction/setup   :    Here Concept of Metaverse EA: Metavese EA is a fully auto EA , no parameters need to be set , trading stra
999 USD
Tioga MT4
Ozkan Kara
5 (2)
Price: 495 USD                Only 1 copy left at this price ! Next Price: 795 USD TIOGA is a fully automated   Night Scalper.   It works good on all major currency pairs.  Main strategy is using mean reversion on end of US season. The system focuses only Small and Steady Profits. The EA does not use grid, martingale, averaging or other dangerous strategies.   It uses fixed stoploss for every position. I will always help you, please contact me ! Live Signal    >>>  https://www.mql5.com/en/sig
495 USD
Trend Line PRO EA mt4
Evgenii Aksenov
4.95 (20)
The Expert Advisor trades on the signals of the   Trend Line PRO   indicator Important! After buying Trend Line EA, contact me to get personal invitation in the INFINITY support chat Orders are managed automatically. The EA has a Recovery function that increases the order size if the previous trade was closed with a loss. You can use from 1 to 3 orders at the same time. The Expert Advisor fully complies with the indicator signals and FIFO rules, does not use the grid function, which allows you
188 USD
Elemental EA MT4
Evgeniy Machok
5 (1)
8 copies for the price $349. Next price - $399. ELEMENTAL - fully automatic multicurrency night robot. The main idea is that any trend has its current boundaries, after which the price comes to an equilibrium state. The boundaries of the current trend are determined by dynamic levels of support and resistance, which are updated at each candlestick. Since night trading has its own features, the main of which is limited market liquidity, trading is performed with pending "limit" orders for add
349 USD
Darwin Evolution MT4
Guillaume Duportal
Darwin EVOLUTION promotion !! 1490 USD to 990 USD Limited time (Offer valid up to arrival of the next update, do not waste time ) !!! You can not make Backtest of this EA, because MT4 does not handle the simultaneous multi-pairs. Darwin needs the 28 pairs for the calculation of the indicators !! Descriptions: - To understand the operation, come and read the blog (this EA reflects my philosophy of forex trading ... If you like my way to see things, then you will like my EA. Take the
999 USD
The Market Reversal EA is powered by the indicator of the same name ( available here ) and trades based on market structure shifts. The EA will by default take a trade every time a market reversal alert is sent by the indicator and will trade those alerts based on the conditions and filters you set in the EA settings. It draws support rectangles as price moves in it's current trend direction and trades when price reverses sharply and signals a market structure shift or a re-test of the reversal.
199 USD
Champion MT4
Evgenii Aksenov
4.87 (15)
CHAMPION EA : smart trade system trades 5 pairs in the same time. Robot uses Drawdown reduce function and Time Filter to safe and profitable trading. The EA has a lot of month history of trading on a real accounts. Now you can buy CHAMPION EA with discount to final price: $9999 CHAMPION is suitable for advanced and beginners  users   Monitoring real accounts:   click here Manual Guide:  click here CHAMPION EA is a smart trading system based on the search for optimal entry/exit points. This s
799 USD
LittleCrazy MT4
4.8 (5)
LittleCrazy MT4 is a fully automated trading system that doesn't require any special skills from you. Just fire up this EA and rest. You don't need to set up anything, EA will do everything for you. EA is adapted to work on small deposits from $200. Timeframe: M15 Currency pairs: AUDNZD, NZDCAD, AUDCAD LIVE Signal: LittleeCrazyWay MT5 LittleeCrazy MT4 PROFITABILITY AND RISK The expected estimated profitability according to the backtest data is about 200% - 400% per year. The expected   max
289 USD
Ranger MT4 EA
Vladimir Pleshakov
5 (2)
The   Ranger  trading robot is the result of many years of work on researching thousands of strategies, prediction indicator systems to find the optimal and adapted online trading strategy. Combining several methods of market analysis and modern trading algorithms, the robot observes every tick of the price change, making trading decisions at any second of trading sessions. Main advantages: Insensitive to spread and commission; There are several levels of stop orders for one position; Minimum d
599 USD
Fully automatic multicurrency trading machine MT4/5 The advisor's strategy is based on trading volumes and statistics of the movement of trading instruments, the author's trading method, which shows excellent results over the past 7 years Multicurrency testing since 2016 with 99.9% real ticks, testing was carried out on the MT5 platform, with all traded currency pairs at the same time. The Expert Advisor has three trading strategies with a smart dynamic lot, which depends on the load on the d
1 250 USD
Golden Million MT4
Aleksei Bordak
2.33 (6)
Hello my name is Alexey, I am a professional algorithm developer for trading on financial markets, crypto currency market and forex. Working experience in finance and programming for more than 15 years. Years of practice, mistakes and success. A lot of groundwork and hundreds of created algorithms. Both successful and not so successful. Now that I am a successful man and a programmer with a fortune of several million dollars. I've decided to share with you my experiences in the field of algorit
900 USD
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Fundamental Trader
Sara Sabaghi
5 (6)
Live Monitoring Join te legram community group for this EA,   Link on my bio Read more about the EA and EA manual Read about the panel components We are in 50% Discount, $800 set to $398 Contact me after the purchase to get a bonus! ZIWOX FUNDAMENTAL TRADER  Ziwox Fundamental trader is a trading assistant that helps financial markets traders reach smart decisions informed by the latest fundamental data, market trend, sentiment, economic news, and forecast. This EA use online source to catch a
399 USD
Telegram Signal pro
Sara Sabaghi
5 (6)
Join our free telegram signal to see how this EA works What is it? Think about it, you can send all the orders/positions info to your telegram channel or group to create your community or VIP signals on telegram. Position info means this EA forward all of your new positions data, (Open price, Open time, Position Type, position Symbol and volume), positions changes ( SL,TP modifying or pending price changes) and also EA alert NEWS (Economic calendar event) on your Telegram Channel or Group. ni
69 USD
Night Theft
Sara Sabaghi
5 (2)
What is Night Theft? When Market is in Rest of the night, when all Banks, all market actors in a nice sleep WE ARE WORKING JUST in this Time WE USE a lot of statistical analysis and Super Smart Trend catcher to detect the trend and theft the price at the night We trade on special hours of GMT | 20 PM until 2 AM We use Intelligent Smart algorithm to recover loss orders to profit orders. Test EA on backtesting, See the sweet result and Enjoy this EA Features: If your order is in loss, Ea has a r
79 USD
Trade Copier Local
Sara Sabaghi
5 (10)
This tools is simplest Trade Copier that use your local pc to store your position list. Fast, Simple We dont have complicated files. Just this EA, with 2 mode. Master Mode to store your positions And Client mode to copy all the position from local storage. Its free tools, for unlimited usage, and unlimited Metatrader and unlimited account number. Enjoy Inputs: Mode > To select Copier Mode. Master Store your positions, and client mode copy the stored positions Slipage > To protect taking new po
Trend Scalp Pro
Sara Sabaghi
3.4 (20)
Live Monitoring Brief Many traders don't trust robots... they Just use technical analysis and make manual orders. So what happens if this technical analysis for make the best decision, working AUTOMATIC!   Yes. We do that. What is it? the Trend Scalp pro Trend Scalp Pro   is achieved from 10 years of experience and research on thousands of strategies, By combining them to make Real Smart Robot.   TSP  is an EA that uses the several Ind inside the EA and Super Trend Line   to find out the se
160 USD
Super Trend Pro  Its simple. as you see in product picture you can find out how it work. We Use Several MA and use Statistics and Probability inside the code to draw nice, great and pure Trend Detection. Do you like it? Yes me too Here, Super trend pro with 100% non-repainting indicator Input Parameter is clear and simple. Inputs Period 1 --------------------------->>>> Use for mathematical calculating Period 2 --------------------------->>>> MA Period Indicator Type ------------------->>>>
69 USD
Jeff Danser
Jeff Danser 2022.01.16 00:29 

I have used this for a week now and I'm very impressed. Seems to work best with default settings. Good work! I'm looking at your other EA's now. If they are as good as this one, I know I will be happy with more of your tools.

Sara Sabaghi
Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2022.01.16 19:35
Oh, Greate, We are happy to see your satisfaction too. thank you for your review.
RaanerMT5 2022.01.10 16:53 

Hallo, bei mir öffnet der EA seit einigen Tagen keine einzige Position, weder automatisch noch manuel. Was läuft da falsch ? Bitte um Hilfe... D Strength steht immer auf 0 Danke schonmal für Hilfe ------- Hello, for me the EA does not open a single position for a few days, neither automatically nor manually. What is going wrong ? Please help... D Strength is always 0 Thanks for help

Sara Sabaghi
Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2022.01.10 20:28
Hello. Please contact the ziwoxsupport
prescribo 2022.01.05 17:01 

Excellent EA!!! Just Back Test it and you will see. Of all the EA I tried for Gold, this one had the lesser drawdown.

Sara Sabaghi
Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2022.01.10 20:28
Thank you very much dear prescribo. And Thanks for using our tools
Shuhua Shen
Shuhua Shen 2022.01.03 13:31 

I've purchased this EA 1 month ago and write a good review to get the gift, but the gift was limited one account, and this gift has bad performance in the backtest, he leave comment that the product reaches 1st page to against him, actually really bad scam seller

Sara Sabaghi
Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2022.01.04 22:49
I ask a question? Do you buy this EA to just get a gift??? And the cause of the gift is not good you tell me that I am a scammer?
I leave the judgment to the people
Ugo Della Rocca
Ugo Della Rocca 2022.01.03 12:56 

I don't understand why to get the promised gift I have to put a review ... I wonder if the positive ones I see will be real ...I add after the answer to the review: .. apart from the considerations on the correctness of the seller this EA (which responds kindly but is not as respectful of the commitments) is more or less like the similar ones: it works until the market decides to reverse and the martingale of this EA, if not well managed, it can lead to big losses .. be careful

Sara Sabaghi
Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2022.01.03 20:50
Are you buy an EA to get an unknown gift? that you do not know what might be?
So you buy this EA for getting this EA cause of you think Its may a good tools :) AND your negative review is irrational
I hope you enjoy this EA with your negative review. Wish you the best Dear Ugo Della
KingJSR 2022.01.01 05:21 

Until now safe if follow author trade .best filter news ,best Ea

Sara Sabaghi
Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2022.01.01 10:13
Thanks for joining us. Wish you the best
HUU VINH NGUYEN 2021.12.30 06:08 

First of all, thanks for coding the nice EA panel with many useful information. Secondly, using fundamentals to trade GOLD is a very good idea. Thirdly, martingale approach is used for recovery of negative floating positions in the belief that the analysis is correct. However, the market is no mercy if the belief is wrong. What is your idea of this scenario? For now I give 3 stars first :-)

Adding now 1 more star as it works well on cents account :-)

Waiting for gold to be volatile to see how smart martigale works....

Sara Sabaghi
Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2021.12.30 17:58
Thank you for your purchase, Thank you for using it, and thanks for your review.
We are honest together. When you use the martingale strategy you have to accept the risk. This EA is a risky martingale strategy too. In martingale recovery strategy, If we have a solution (or anybody that has this solution) for this situation that the market goes against our prediction we were not here to sales our tools. Maybe we were ruling the world with our hundred thousand of million dollars.
By the way, we follow our fundamental data, and the correlation between gold years and years, and we believe our predicted is always true but this profit and prediction may pay with Drow-Down
outhay 2021.12.19 07:34 

I have purchase and run this EA on 4000$ live account with the default setting. The EA took 6 trades and all with profit just have to accept DD. Very cheap EA that give me back my investment the first day.

Sara Sabaghi
Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2021.12.23 10:17
Thank you very much for using our tools.
Hope you earn more.
Best regards
ojl 2021.12.12 11:47 

Very early days, but for the first couple of days it looks quite promising. No huge drawdown and some nice little winning trades so far.

Sara Sabaghi
Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2021.12.12 22:21
Thanks for your purchase. and thanks for your comment. hope you enjoy this EA
Boris Jimenez
Boris Jimenez 2021.12.07 15:11 

Saludos, para las personas que hablan español, mi reseña de este Asesor Experto, es muy versátil y seguro, maneja bien lo que a la mayoría nos gusta como es operar ORO, su herramienta a base del indicador fundamental le da mucha precisión. Adicional que tiene un grupo en redes sociales en donde compartimos experiencias y sugerencia de mejora, además de observar en vivo las operaciones que ejecuta.

Sara Sabaghi
Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2021.12.12 22:20
Bravo. Gracias por tu compra y comentario.
faheit 2021.12.01 13:19 

I have tested the EA for a few hours, what can I say...it works. I have bought a lot of EAs that were much more expensive and have much less to offer!

Sara Sabaghi
Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2021.12.05 10:28
I'm happy to see you like our tools. thank you for your comment
21943 2021.11.25 10:47 

exellent ea very safe trading finally i found the best ea for gold

Sara Sabaghi
Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2021.11.26 22:23
Thank you for your comment.
Tomasz Wysocki
Tomasz Wysocki 2021.11.24 21:50 

Very interesting EA I was looking for some EDGE with gold market. I can advise to use it.

Sara Sabaghi
Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2021.11.24 21:53
Hope you enjoy this tools
Lam Tran Huu Khanh
Lam Tran Huu Khanh 2021.11.24 13:17 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Sara Sabaghi
Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2021.11.24 14:25
I'm happy to see your satisfaction
menbolduc01 2021.11.23 12:22 

Hi, bought this Ea couple days ago, seems to be good so far. I like the startegy and the way it is presented. Thank you

Sara Sabaghi
Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2021.11.23 13:19
Thank you too for using our tools. Best regards
Muhammad Arshad Durrani
Muhammad Arshad Durrani 2021.11.23 01:34 

Hi I have bought this today seems very reliable. So far its performing very good. Looking forward to making some real money.

Sara Sabaghi
Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2021.11.23 13:19
Why not. wish you more money. thanks for join us
pejon9999 2021.11.22 18:45 

Hi, today I bought this EA, this afternoon three open positions all locked in plus..Thank you for this great EA

Sara Sabaghi
Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2021.11.23 06:48
Wish you more money. Thanks for your review
forexsignalgermany 2021.11.22 10:36 

Thanks! I love the strategy and support was great as from the beginning till now :)

Sara Sabaghi
Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2021.11.23 06:48
Thank you for your comment. And thanks for using this EA
christofort 2021.11.19 19:02 

Nice start for a nice EA !

Sara Sabaghi
Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2021.11.19 20:43
Thank you for your purchase, and thanks for the comment
Rodrigo Aires
Rodrigo Aires 2021.11.07 17:28 

Ive been testing and using this EA on live Account for a while, and seems very stable with low DD, thanks AD.

Sara Sabaghi
Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2021.11.07 17:48
Thanks, dear Rodrigo for using the Gold extractor, and thank you for your comment. Wish you money
Kashta 2021.10.31 15:52 

I have already tested more than a hundred EAs on MQL5 and others and I admit that this one seems very smart despite the martingale strategy . Why is it so inexpensive when all other scam EAs are under 300$ and their price goes up every 10 sales .I don't understand . Such a powerful and pioneering EA should be extremely expensive

Sara Sabaghi
Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2021.11.07 17:47
I'm really happy to see your satisfaction. thank you for using our tools and thank you for your comment.
Tran Vinh Vu
Tran Vinh Vu 2021.10.31 08:48 

I did a backtest on 1 year data today and see a good result. Thank for good EA

Sara Sabaghi
Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2021.10.31 10:42
Thank you friend for using our EA
browser57 2021.10.20 19:20 

Very Happy with this EA. Very Happy with the Author a well. Highly recommend this EA. Thanks Sara and Ali

Sara Sabaghi
Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2021.10.20 22:45
Thank you, dear friend. It's our pleasure that we see your Satisfaction.
IM Trader
IM Trader 2021.10.18 06:26 

I finally found ea gold which is only an entry during news, very safe ea for gold pairs, this is my second purchase from sabaghi and author is very communicative. thanks bro!

Sara Sabaghi
Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2021.10.18 11:05
It's my pleasure bro. thank you for using our tools and thanks for your review.
Wish you best
Vu Dai Thang
Vu Dai Thang 2021.10.06 11:09 

very safe EA for trading High risk symbol like Gold. thanks Ad!

Sara Sabaghi
Reply from developer Sara Sabaghi 2021.10.06 11:15
Thank you for using ziwox tools
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Version 1.2 2022.01.03
// 1. Bugfix - Stop trading if US10Y has an error
// 2. Alert you are US10Y, not downloaded
// 3. Alert for high spread
Version 1.1 2021.12.07
1. Better performance
2. Bugfix