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BlueDigitsFx Easy 1 2 3 System MT5

*All In One System Indicator, Breakthrough solution for any Newbie or Expert Trader!

Message Me Immediately After Purchase For Installation Help and V.I.P Access With Additional Strategies

BlueDigitsFx Explains How To Use The System In Detail : https://youtu.be/fIOWwWuE5ZQ

BlueDigitsFx's Easy 1 2 3 System is an all in 1 Indicator with a variety of options to work with.

Performs Amazingly with a Market Base Line for example; 50ema, 200ema, Kijun sen,... 

Performs Amazingly with a simple overbought/oversold indicator.

Easy tool to build a trading plan and strategies with simple rules to follow. 

*Indicators Included 

*Big Arrow - will pinpoint strong zigzag levels for potential reversals. 

*Little Arrow - Non Repaint Trend Indicator with Super Accurate Signals.  

*MTF Support and Resistance Dots - Identify Strong SR zones within seconds.  

----------all indicators have an on/off option---------- 
---------------all indicators are adjustable---------------

*For Desktop MT4 & MT5 Only

*Great For Swing Trading

*Great For Scalping

*Desktop Alerts, Mobile Alerts, Email Alerts

*Alert Strictly On The "Close Of The Candle"

*Timeframes Supported M1,M5,M15,M30,H1,H4,D1,W1,M1

*Works On Any MT4 & MT5 Pair

*Perfect For New Traders And Expert Traders

Advantages You Get

  • Easy, visual and effective trading system in 1 indicator.
  • Gives you the ability to filter and further improve your trading strategies.
  • Signals strictly on the "Close of the bar".
  • Works in all symbols and all timeframes, 15m and above recommended.
  • Integrated pop-up, email, push notification and sound alerts.

Free Strategies To trade with our All in One, Easy 1 2 3 Trading System.

  1. Swing Traders
  • Put the settings for Daily Timeframe Support / Resistance dots
  • Then go down to the 4h or the 1h timeframe and trade away from the formed dots 
  • (Close Profits as you please, or close profits at lower low, or higher high, or wait for opposite arrow signal for exit)
  • Always Place Stoploss above resistance dots and below support dots.

  1. Intra Day Traders
  • Put the settings for 4 hour Timeframe Support / Resistance dots
  • Then go down to the 1 hour or the 15m timeframe and trade away from the formed dots
  • (Close Profits as you please, or close profits at lower low, or higher high, or wait for opposite arrow signal for exit)
  • Always Place Stoploss above resistance dots and below support dots.

  1. Scalpers
  • Put the settings for 15 minutes Timeframe Support / Resistance dots
  • Then go down to the 5m or the 1m timeframe and trade away from the formed dots 
  • (Close Profits as you please, or close profits at lower low, or higher high, or wait for opposite arrow signal for exit)
  • Always Place Stoploss above resistance dots and below support dots.

Always Follow The Trend for a higher accuracy rate.

Ps: This Is An Extremely Powerful System Combined with our Spike And Strike Indicator for swing traders and scalpers.

jerome1677 2020.07.09 17:26 

not saying its 100% in the money but it is simple to use and 80% percent blue results... what more can you ask for :)

Elv Kyng
Elv Kyng 2020.07.09 14:14 

Finally have an indicator I can trust. Let's catch these pips!

Detleff Böhmer
Detleff Böhmer 2020.07.04 10:50 

Ein Indikator mit dem jeder Trader gute Gewinne machen kann. Sehr gute Arbeit Ziggy, danke.

AANACN 2020.07.03 18:38 

Fantastic indicator ... two days of trade and very profitable! Thank you very much Ziggy

Dandycam1436 2020.07.02 19:51 

This indicator is really so good, it has positively changed my way of trading.

rhancoc12 2020.06.24 15:25 

Awesome Indicator!!!! All Blue

kokkee99 2020.06.24 13:05 

Awesome indicator 👍

ejire 2020.06.23 22:28 

Great indicator it requires patient. Just allow the small arrow to confirm and you are good to take either buy or sell position

Thamsanca Ntuli
Thamsanca Ntuli 2020.06.23 08:57 

Just bought it so far is working nice for me, started with demo i just jump straight to buy it after watching the videos. Thanks Ziggy for the good job your doing. This is a perfect indicator!!!

brightzikpi 2020.06.22 18:54 

Thanks, Mr. Z for this powerful system. I really enjoyed free signals given from this same system. And seeing a lot of happy clients giving testimony about how the system bagged them countless number of blue pips on a daily basis, wow just can't wait, and finally it's in my house now. Yooyoo hahaha

Gilbert Pardla
Gilbert Pardla 2020.06.21 11:08 

I am a trader with 10 years of experience, there are few indicators that I like, there are not many that would visually help to create or confirm good trading ideas. The BlueDigitsFx Easy 1 2 3 System and Spike and Strike System help me a lot in monitoring price movements. The indicator provides a lot of trading ideas and confirmations for my technical analysis. In addition, I like the Telegram group for receiving reviews, information on strategies and sharing traders results.

mimi_87 2020.06.15 17:23 

So happy Ziggy I just got the 123 indicator hope to catch those pips

Walshak Myalshak
Walshak Myalshak 2020.06.07 00:57 

this is a really good indicator for the price. still trying it out but so far so good. keep up the good work

diconium 2020.06.03 08:37 

Very promising system

Idefix55 2020.06.02 18:34 

Very helpful indicator! I was looking for a simple system and I think I found it with BlueDigitsFx Easy 1 2 3 System . Good results so far in my Demo Accout. Thank you so much!

Paul Classens
Paul Classens 2020.05.30 16:43 

Fantastic Indicator I'm finding it just as good as the MT4 system that produces great results consistently. Support is excellent as well. Ziggy keep up the great work!!!

Hamid-Husain 2020.05.26 23:10 

Finally, It's available on MT5. thanks!

gcd510 2020.05.26 14:32 

Been waiting for this indicator for MT5. Good signals and very easy to understand. Thanks BLUEDIGITS. Good work done again!

Thinh Huynh
Thinh Huynh 2020.05.25 13:47 

I’m a skeptical person when it comes to EA/indicator but I’m amazed of this indicator. I’ve known the man for awhile and he’s the type that would put effort and determination in his works. It’s worth every penny and you won’t regret buying it.

Lumhle 2020.05.25 10:10 

I am so happy I have purchased the indicator

muchiri123 2020.05.25 09:56 

Thanks Bluedigits(Ziggy) for this amazing product. You are changing people's lives.

ajmganga 2020.05.24 19:53 

Bought so many courses and systems that didn't work for me, this is hands down a system I can attest to. Plus the author guides you through everything :) Newbie to expert, this is the stuff people!!

Umair Afzal
Umair Afzal 2020.05.24 18:47 

I was very impressed by the MT4 version of Easy 123 indicator and was waiting for the release of MT5 version.

The beauty of Easy123 is that it is adding more confirmations to my style of trading that is based on price action. As a price action trader, I am monitoring my charts on regular basis for a potential setup specially on the synthetic indices pairs and this indicator has eased the workload for me. It is just like hands free for me now and only thing I am doing is to wait for the alerts and then confirmation to enter into a trade.

Trading is looking so much simple and easier now and anyone who has less time to monitor charts or busy in a day job, this is the must have tool for them to make regular profits. I am really happy to have this as I don't have to open 10 charts now and just wait for the alerts and do that trade.

One more Plus point of getting in BluedigitFx is that they have a VIP telegram group where you get support and by support I don't mean the admin support, it means you get all kind of support including the strategies and filtering the good trades from bad ones. This is what i have not seen in any of the sellers on market.

Good Work done by BluedigitFx and I am looking forward to make a 6 figure trading account with their tools that is looking very much possible now.

Saleena Sainudeen
Saleena Sainudeen 2020.05.23 22:34 


Another Big Bang Launch from one of the most legit authors in mql market - BLUEDIGITSFx.

i have been their user of mt4 123 ,spike and strike.

been waiting for their mt5 version since long and here we r .

the signals look smooth like butter.

if you dont know,you must worry !!

The author Ziggy is as Professional as it gets.with a great community in telegram ,Regular Updates and tons of give aways since their inception.

THIS IS MY EID GIFT TO MYSELF , and Yes,im as proud of the shopping as I was when i bought my 1st.

Trust me, i will make the product price in a single trade and post my next review with a screenshot. :D

DO NOT WAIT GUYS <> BLUEDIGITS is the BANG You want right now !!

5 star for the product . and 5 stars for the author and the support team. 5 stars for his Telegram community ! 15 stars :D :D :D


Yo Nate
Yo Nate 2020.05.23 19:57 

all i see is pips!!!

BLAZE02 2020.05.23 14:08 

I am so happy this is finally available on MT5! Been waiting for this moment, now I can ride all the way!

Version 1.2 2020.06.10
Compatibilitity for latest MetaTrader5 Build - Small fix