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Distance from Moving Average

This indicator measures the largest distance between a price (high or low) and a moving average. It also shows the average distance above and below the moving average.

It may come in handy for strategies that open reverse positions as price moves away from a moving average within a certain range, awaiting it to return so the position can be closed.

It just works on any symbol and timeframe.


  • Evaluated Period: Number of bars to be evaluated. Defaults to 100.
  • Moving Average Period: Period for moving average calculation.
  • Moving Average Method: You can choose between "Simple", "Exponential", "Smoothed" and "Linear-weighted" moving average methods.

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Version 1.2 2020.01.02
Minor bug fixes.
Version 1.1 2020.01.02
Minor adjustments for performance improvement and calculation of average distance above and below the moving average.