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Modified Awesome Oscillator

The main purpose of the indicator is to detect and mark trade signals on the histogram of the Awesome Oscillator according to the strategies "Trading Chaos, second edition" and "New Trading Dimensions".

The indicator detects and marks the following trade signals:

  1. "Two peaks" - Divergence.
  2. The signal "Second wise-man" - third consequent bar of the Awesome Oscillator after its color is changed.
  3. The histogram crosses the zero line.
  4. The signal "Saucer".

The indicator includes a signal block that informs the trader about new signals in any convenient form.

The indicator is a part of the integral trading complex based on the strategy "Trading Chaos". The indicator is a part of a pattern. It is recommended to use the indicator together with the following products:

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Version 6.91 2019.06.02
Исправлена ошибка в сигнале "блюдце" при переходе гистограммы через линию нуля.
Version 6.90 2019.03.18
Индикатор оптимизирован для работы с 2009 версией терминала МТ5 и выше.
Version 6.15 2017.01.13
Added the signal block.
Version 6.13 2015.05.26
Code optimization. Acceleration with graphic objects on the chart.
Version 2.4 2013.12.25
Improved performance of the indicator due to optimization of the source code for less resource consumption.
Version 2.3 2013.12.09
Enhanced the function that detects and displays divergence. The divergence lines are now displayed both on the Modified Awesome Oscillator histogram and on the main price chart.