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TBL for mt5

The Trade by levels for mt5 indicator is designed to automatically determine the formation of a model for entering the market on the chart of the selected instrument.

        ⦁ BFl is the bar that formed the level. 
        ⦁ BCL1 and BCL2 bars, confirming the level. 

The graphical model:
        ⦁ levels high\low the bars BFL and BCL1 must match the accuracy to the point
        ⦁ there can be any number of bars between BFL and BCL1.
        ⦁ between BCL1 and BCL2 intermediate bars should not be.
        ⦁ the value of a hi / lo bar BCL2 may be different from the level values (BFL and BCL1) the size of the backlash. Backlash no more than 2-3 points.
        ⦁ in General, the model is formed by 3 bars: 1 bar – forms a level. 2 bar-confirms the level. 3 bar also needs to confirm the level, 4 bar is the entrance.

Model trading rules:

  • Trading is carried out according to the trend of limit orders. Traded only the rebound from the levels.
  • You can trade against the trend in the following cases:
       ⦁ if the current price of the instrument is near the level.
       ⦁ if the Issuer has passed at least 75% of its ATR.
  • 30 seconds before the closing of the BCL2 limit order is set with an indentation above/below the level of the backlash size (2-3 points).
  • Stop is calculated as % of the current price, 0.2 - 0.5 is recommended%
  • If the order is not opened, and the price has passed 2 actual stops from the price of the pending order – the order is canceled.
  • Tool: any.
  • Timeframes:
  • D1-to determine the trend, the ATR value for the last 5 days.
  • H1-to enter a trade on the model signal.
Indicator parameters:
  • Period ATR (day) -  is the number of days for the ATR calculation
  • ATR in pips/point - displays the value of the ATR in pips.paragraphs
  • Ratio for TP/SL - take Profit to stop Loss ratio
  • Risk for calculate Lot, (% of Margin) - risk Percentage of free margin for lot calculation
  • StopLoss in % from - stop Loss size as % of the current price
  • Decrease SL 10 times if TF 30 min - 
  • If the chart period is < 30 min, the values of StopLoss and Luft are reduced by 10 times
  • Gap for level on BCL2, (% of StopLoss) - the amount of “play” for a bar BCL2, in % of the stop loss
  • Number of bars for calculate trend - number of bars to calculate trend
  • Text color1 - color of the label data
  • Text color2 - color of the label data
  • Text color3 - color of the label data
  • Stop&Take lines color (BUY orders) - color of Stop order lines for buy orders
  • Stop&Take lines color (SELL orders) - color of Stop order lines for SELL orders
  • Stop&Take line style - type of stop order lines
  • Digits in Profit% after comma - number of digits after the decimal point in the Profit value
  • Font size for text - data display font size
  • Vertical shift for button - vertical shift of buttons
  • Horizontal shift for button - horizontal shift of buttons
  • Horizontal shift for "name" text - horizontal shift of the data designation column
  • Horizontal shift for "data" text - horizontal shift of the data column
  • Color for status button "OFF" - color of the buttons in the “OFF " state”
  • Color for status button "ON" - color of the buttons in the “ON " state”
  • On/Off popup Alert - enable/disable popup message
  • On/Off function Send Notification
  • On/Off function Send Mail
  • Output the value of ART in pips\pips
  • Monitor the current ATR value if > 80% is red
  • Control the Spread/Stop Loss ratio if < 5 - red
  • After the lot size in brackets the size of the loss when triggered StopLoss
  • The function of displaying the levels of Stop Orders 
  • Buttons Trend Ch, Buy, Sell - on\off display the corresponding lines on the chart

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