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VN Trade Panel Demo

Fully automated solution for opening any types of orders and managing them, allowing you to focus entirely on trade and not be distracted by additional actions to set them up.

It has a convenient visualized interface and an intuitively clear control, thanks to which trading is carried out literally in one click: to open the desired type of order, you only need to press the corresponding button and all set parameters will be applied to it automatically.

To work with open orders, the breakeven and trailing stop functions are provided.

It is possible to change the appearance of take profit and stop loss levels from normal to virtual and vice versa. Virtual - means that take profit and stop loss are installed only on your terminal and are not visible to the broker.

These features can be activated or disabled at any time.

Also, the panel can be customized in appearance. Changes in the settings are applied when a new or first addition of the panel to the chart.

The sound accompaniment for opening and closing orders can also be configured: there are three built-in sound options, as well as the ability to install your own sound files. The files of the format "***.wav" need to be placed in the Sounds folder of the terminal.

This product is a demo version of the panel working on the CADCHF currency pair. Full version of the panel: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/35018

(In the strategy tester, the operation of trading panels is not tested).

Basic settings:

  • Magic number - order identifier;
  • Show orders - show closed orders on the chart;
  • Slippage - the amount of slippage in points;
  • Breakeven profit points - the breakeven size in points;
  • Panel name - the text displayed in the panel name;
  • Position - horizontal or vertical view of the panel;
  • Show tooltip - showing tooltips when hovering the mouse over input fields;
  • Comment - the comment applied to the opened orders.
To stop playing audio files, you can install a free additional Sound Stop script from the product list in the terminal and use it when you need to stop playing the file.
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Version 1.50 2019.02.17
Fixed re-drawing of previously closed orders.
Version 1.35 2019.02.16
Changed the message text when adding a panel not on the CADCHF currency pair chart.
Version 1.34 2019.02.16
Added a general option to enable / disable order sound in the settings.
Version 1.33 2019.02.16
Fixed skipping of the closing of an order when the value of its profit coincides with the previous one.
Version 1.32 2019.02.16
The sounding of the result of the last closed order during the new panel initialization has been removed.
Version 1.31 2019.02.16
Added the ability to select the type of sound to open and close orders.
Version 1.3 2019.02.11
The name of the information window that appears when adding a panel not on the CADCHF currency pair chart has been changed.