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Easy Trade Manager


New version with Panel updated..! (Thank you users for all your great feedback!) -

    1. Enter the Risked Amount or Lot size or % of Balance (New!)
    2. Drag the RED line on the chart to fix the Stop-Loss.
    3. Drag Blue line (New!) for Limit/Stop orders automatically !
    4. Adjust TP1, TP2 and TP3 lines
    5. You are ready to Buy/Sell > Adjust the lines even after the trade - New!
    6. Check the user video - https://tinyurl.com/etmmt4ea

      Automatic Breakeven TP1/2 | Book Part/Partial Profit TP1-TP2 | Automatic Magic Trail TP1/2 | Trade with fixed Amount or Lot Size |Automatic lot | All orders are hidden ( so you will not see it until it is executed!) | Hidden features for scalping with Magic Trail in Version 14

      • Buy/Sell! TP1,2,3 and lot size will be done based on your preference.
      • New Magic Trail option will automatically sense market volatility and adjust/trail your TP3! try it!
      • All the levels you set are hidden from the broker so the broker will only see it after execution!
        Basic Features and EA Settings > Also on >  easytrademanager.com

        Trade  Management Rules - How do you like set your trade rules ?
        • Limit Order = True/False - True for enabling Limit/Stop Orders ; False for market orders
        • Risk Setting = Select > Fixed Amount or Fixed Lot or % Balance - New! > Update below based on your Risk Setting
        • Amount Risked = 100 Means $100 to be risked per trade (Any currency) Enabled when Risk Setting = Fixed Amount
        • % of Balance = % of Balance to be risked. Eg.2% - New! 
        • Fixed Lot Size = Lot Size to be risked. Eg 0.1 Lots > Enabled when Risk Setting = Fixed Lot

        Stop-loss Settings - Define Stop-loss, Lot Size and when to breakeven

        • SL Value = 10.0 means stop-loss will 10 pips
        • Use Hidden Stops = True or False > True means hidden stops will be used
        • Set Breakeven = TP1 or TP2 - Means trades will be set to breakeven after TP1/TP2 is booked > 2 more New Unique Professional features for Breakeven!
        • Unique Stop-loss Assist feature = (Download to know more)

        Profit Booking Settings - How much to partial close  & What levels to close

        • TP1 = 50 - TP1 % Percentage of Lots/Amount to be booked at TP1 - 50 means 50%
        • TP2 = 40 - TP2 % Percentage of Lots/Amount to be booked at TP2 – 40 means 40% ( TP3 will automatically be 10% because TP1+TP2=90% above example )
        • TP Setting = Pips - enter pips below or Use Ratios - Eg 1:1 so if SL is 10 pips, TP1 will 10 pips
        • TP1 = 20.0 - 1st Take Profit ; Eg. 20.0 means 20 pips if TP setting=pips,Ratio - 1.0 means automatically calculate 1:1 so if SL is 10 pips, TP1 will be 10pips
        • TP2 = 40.0 - 2nd Take Profit ; Eg. 40.0 means 40 pips if TP setting=pips,Ratio - 2.0 means automatically calculate 1:2 so if SL is 10 pips, TP2 will be 20 pips
        • TP3 = 80.0 - 3rd Take Profit ; 80.0 pips if TP setting=pips,Ratio - 3.0 means automatically calculate 1:3 so if SL is 10 pips, TP3 will be 30 pips

         Trail Settings - When to Trail & How to Trail

        • Trail Profit Start = Start when to Trail profit from TP1 or TP2 or > Buy/Sell Price - New!
        • Trail Type = Magic Trail Slow = Use for Long Term trades ; Magic Trail Fast = Use for short term trades ; No trail

        Trade Settings - Conditions used for the Trades

        • Slippage allowed = 3 - This means maximum slippage allowed will be 3
        • Add Spread =  True/False - Used to add spread to TP/SL automatically
        • Order Comments =  Used for updating comment
        • More Settings for Panel & Line adjustments available.

          I want to keep this EA simple and you will see trades - breakeven - partial closing is done with high speed and accuracy - this will be the most important aspect of this EA.

          Note : Please use the Easy Trade Manager on a VPS for uninterrupted FASTER operation. If you are new > Try the free Amazon VPS ( Check Youtube )

          Pls leave a good review if you like the EA & send me suggestions to improve

              If you want to trade from your mobile and  manage trades try > Easy Virtual Trader 

              Easy "Virtual" Trader will automatically set stop-loss, set breakeven ,book partial profit and set trail for your orders taken from your mobile.

              Easy Virtual Traderhttps://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/42804

              Easy Trade Manager MT5 https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/47938

              Thank you!

              Reviews 20
              Oluwasegun Gbadebo Fanegan
              Oluwasegun Gbadebo Fanegan 2022.07.25 18:37 

              Can you please bring back the version with a magic number option. The reason why I bought this is because the advert showed I could input magic number but the latest version doesn't have the option

              Jak Bausa
              Jak Bausa 2022.06.20 02:44 

              The developer was really helpful, even though I made a wrong purchased (MT4 version which should be MT5) he help and guided me to install the MT5 version. Great Support, don't hesitate to try out his other products.

              Vinu k
              Vinu k 2022.04.04 13:03 

              works gr8

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              10 / 10 copies are available by price $129 ===>>> Next price $179 Mona Lisa Live Results:   Signal >> Mona Lisa Presets: Download >> Mona Lisa  for  MetaTrader 5 >> Mona Lisa is a unique and fully automated Trading Advisor. The system is based on its own trading strategy, which is based on both indicator-based Technical Analysis and Price Action principles. This makes the system flexible and adaptive for trading a large number of currency pairs and minimizes the chance of over-optimization.
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              Fawwaz Abdulmantaser Salim Albaker
              Dear Friends ,    this EA helps u to automatically tracing (following) your opening trades .. the trades will opened manually .. you can set all parameters such as  lot size sl tp distance from open price to set the break even point (that's to keep your deal in safe from losing any funds in case of the market go on negative way that you expect ) trailng your trade by set the distance of pips u need  if u need any assistance , add me and  contact me on my links in profile . wish all the be
              SIRR Scalper for PipFinite is a robot that has been designed to work with the PipFinite Trend PRO Indicator. It is a dynamic EA that is very active with trades and capital management. The EA can trade the popular symbols EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, USDCAD, AUDUSD, EURGBP, EURCHF, EURJPY, AUDNZD, AUDCAD, EURNZD. Check our   Blogs   where we share news and set files When you buy my robot, you are welcome to drop me a message to discuss the best setup in combination with the set files 2 purcha
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              Magic EA MT4
              Kyra Nickaline Watson-gordon
              3 (1)
              Magic EA is an Expert Advisor based on Scalping, Elliot Waves and with filters such as RSI, Stochastic and 3 other strategies managed and decided with the robot smartly. Large number of inputs and settings are tested and optimized and embedded in the program thus inputs are limited and very simple. Using EA doesn't need any professional information or Forex Trading Knowledge. EA can trade on all symbols and all time frames, using special and unique strategies developed by the author. The EA
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              Joel Protusada
              Vizzion is a fully automated scalping Expert Advisor that can be run successfully using GBPJPY currency pair at H1 timeframe. Very Important This Expert Advisor can not run with any EAs in the same account. As part of the money management plan, it calculates and monitors the Margin Level % and assumes that all open trades are created by it. If you want an Expert Advisor that trades in a daily basis, this EA is not for you because using this requires a patience to wait for a few days or weeks o
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              Exp Swing
              Vladislav Andruschenko
              4.08 (37)
              It uses the model of a famous strategy called Swinger (Pendulum, Cheburashka) - alternate placing of pending orders with increased lot. The strategy lies in placing two opposite pending orders. When the price moves in a certain direction, one pending order is triggered, while the lot size of the other order is increased. The EA provides three types of opening pending orders (TypeofTrade) Auto-opening after placement (Instant opening AutoTrade) Opening and management after manual opening (Manu
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              Andriy Sydoruk
              The indicator shows the potential trend direction by cyclical-wave dependence. Thus, all the rays of the intersection will be optimal rays, in the direction of which the price is expected to move, taking into account the indicator period. Rays can be used as a direction for potential market movement. But we must not forget that the approach must be comprehensive, the indicator signals require additional information to enter the market.
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              Paschal Uchenna Ugwu
              Are you tired of manual trading and struggling to find profitable opportunities in the Forex market? Look no further! Introducing the Forex Finisher EA – your ultimate solution for automated trading success. With the Forex Finisher EA, you can unlock a whole new level of trading efficiency and profitability. This expert advisor is designed to analyze the market with precision, execute trades at lightning speed, and maximize your potential for consistent profits. Here's why you should consider
              30 000 USD
              Use of support and resistance in systematic trading is very subjective. Every trader has their own idea and way to plotting the support and resistance levels on the chart. KT Support and Resistance indicator take out this ambiguity out of the situation and automatically draws support and resistance levels following an algorithmic approach using a unique multi-timeframe analysis. When launched on the chart, It immediately scan the most significant extreme points across all the available timefr
              75 USD
              Support tools for repeat trades Set the direction of the trade,the desired price range, and the number of repeats( or pips ) in the parameters. The EA will then automatically repeat the buy and sell according to your settings. The range can be set for both selling and buying, which broadens the range of strategies. This EA is just a support tool that allows the user to trading; the EA does not use indicators or other means to judge the situation internally. Functions and Usage Save the downloa
              100 USD
              Todd Terence Bates
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              Kusama is an automated trading system that uses and candlestick patterns in combination with Standard Deviation calculations to open and close trades. This Expert Advisor is designed specifically for the USDJPY H1 Foreign Exchange(FX) market to open, monitor, modify and adjust orders automatically. Entry signals utilize  Shooting Star Candlestick patterns  and  Hammer Candlestick patterns . Long Exit Signals work on the Bearish Engulfing Candlestick patterns in combination with Standard Deviat
              Simple RSI Forex Trading Strategy
              Victor Manuel Valderrama Zamora
              2.5 (2)
              Diversify the risk in your trading account by combining our Expert Advisors. Build your own custom trading system here:   Simple Forex Trading Strategies The expert advisor opens trades when RSI indicator enter in oversold or overbought areas. The Stop Loss, Take Profit, and Trailing Stop are calculated based on the ATR indicator. The recommended currency pair is EURGBP and the recommended timeframe to operate and to do backtests is H4. This Expert Advisor can be profitable in any TimeFrame a
              The indicator calculates the historic price statistics: the number of intersections of a level and the number of rollbacks. The levels are set as horizontal lines (the 'Horizontal lines' element on the Toolbar) manually, are are drawn automatically by the indicator with the specified step. Only strong levels are drawn in the automated mode. There are two options for the automated mode: 1. Strong levels of intersection and support/resistance; 2. Strong support/resistance levels. The indicator use
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              EA Lutos
              Hossein Davarynejad
              4.31 (13)
              The  EA LUTTUS  Scalper expert advisor is made up by two strategies  . First strategy  use important high  levels  value of the market to open trade.  second strategy  check price % value  For Close each Trade. change direction Trade is Active on this EA  . . Please Test This EA on    ,EUR CAD , EUR CHF, USD CAD ,AUD USD, GBP EUR, USD JPY ,EUR AUD. NZD AUD, EUR NZD    Open 2 chart H1 , H4 Fore each pairs                                                                             
              The Infinity Expert Advisor is a scalper. When the resistance and support levels are broken, trades are opened in the direction of the price movement. Open positions are managed by several algorithms based on the current market situation (fixed stop loss and take profit, trailing stop, holding positions in case of trend indication, etc.). Requirements for the broker The EA is sensitive to spread, slippages and execution quality. It is strongly recommended not to use the EA for currencies with
              150 USD
              OFFER! OFFER! From 450usd to 370usd this offer may end at any time from now! Don't miss this. Hi traders, I have created this EA and called it "The Account Flipper EA". This trading EA is for both newbies and professional traders. The first goal with this EA is to protect your capital first and the second is to grow your account. Therefore no risky strategies like grid, marti-angle, hedging, or any greedy trading strategies. We use a fixed lot size in every trade, SL, TP and break even all these
              370 USD
              Brexit Breakout (GBPUSD H1) This EA has been developed for GBPUSD H1.  Everything is tested for H1 timeframe . Strategy is based on breakout of the This Bar Open indicator after some time of consolidation. It will very well works on these times, when the pound is moving. It uses Stop pending orders with  FIXED Stop Loss and Take Profit . It also uses PROFIT TRAILING to catch from the moves as much as possible. At 9:00 pm we are closing trading every Friday to prevent from weekly gaps. !!!Adjust
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              The expert works on the Fibonacci levels on the previous candle With some digital way to enter the deal On the five minute frame Work on currency pairs only Do not use TakeProfit or Stop Loss How the expert works It is placed on the three currency pairs GBPUSD GBPJPY GBP AUD Same settings without changing anything When he works, he will work on only one currency of them until it closes on a profit Profit is only seven points Please watch the video Explains how the expert works. Max Spread = 0.3
              300 USD
              The expert works on the Fibonacci levels on the previous candle With some digital way to enter the deal On the five minute frame Work on currency pairs only Do not use TakeProfit or Stop Loss How the expert works It is placed on the three currency pairs GBPUSD GBPJPY GBP AUD Same settings without changing anything When he works, he will work on only one currency of them until it closes on a profit Profit is only seven points Please watch the video Explains how the expert works. Max Spread = 0.3
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              Pip Collector
              Manuel Rodriguez Fernandez
              EA based on collecting few pips for each trade.   Provided with several exit systems, such as positive equity exit (parameterizable) or positive profit exit. Use the martingale system to facilitate the exit. Pip Collector mt5 ==> Operations Configuration <== Tamaño de lote inicial → Initial lot size→ Initial opening lot per trade. Take Profit  → Take profit in pips Spread máximo → Maximum Spread→ Maximum Spread filter. It is recommended to delimit this value as much as possible, placing it at
              97 USD
              Exit Manager
              Victor Christiaanse
              5 (2)
              This Exit Manager  will  manage your orders to ensure you close the orders at the right moment. After you placed an order, the Exit Manager will close the trade based on YOUR conditions. It will also be able to trail your stoploss to reduce risk. The features of this tool enables you to Set & Forget the trade. Place the trade, and the Exit Manager will continuously keep an eye on the trade and close it when the conditions are met. The orders will be monitored and closed based on different condit
              50 USD
              MAX Lot Allowed
              Shailendra Singh
              This is script to check what is max lot allowed on a currency pair , so you need to drag this script to a currency chart and this utility will print max allowed lot with available balance. Sometimes we need know maximum allowed lot information for some purpose so this script will really help to know the lots allowed with given balance in live account for any broker . Hope explanation will help.
              50 USD
              ! register Interactive Broker   https://ibkr.com/referral/zhenwei375 Hi! I will be happy if you subscibe to my youtube channel.  # youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4fZRTNdAcHJMDm71MyMkew?sub_confirmation=1 ! Current EA Works Until 2022.03.10 ! First Backtest By Your Self https://github.com/aizwellenstan/MQL4_Backtest_Results/blob/main/TraderAiz_btp_Pro_Backtest.ex4 Broker: ICMarkets Raw Spread Account Works On D1 H4 TimeFrame # Pairs ------------ EURUSD US500 JP225
              399 USD
              Curve Basic
              Roberto Sau
              5 (2)
              BACKTEST NOW!  (or see backtest sreenshots below, last update: 30/4/2021 ) ( How to backtest any system correctly ) LIVE SIGNAL :  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/995254 CURVE is a Honest, Secure and Automated Software for Generation of Daily Profits on Forex Market. With its fully automatic architecture, CURVE is an autonomous Robot Expert capable of independently analyzing the market and making trading decisions. Martingale, Grid, Averaging and other dangerous strategies are NOT used.
              390 USD
              Grid Panel Allows you to :  Set the number of levels (trades). Lot size and you can do Martingale to raise the lot size for each level. Set distance between levels, and you can manage the distance for each level using   Distance Q. Static TP and SL for each level. You can open : BUY STOP / BUY LIMIT / SELL STOP / SELL LIMIT   (levels in one click). Close all buy orders. Close all sell orders. Close all winning orders. Close all losing orders. Close all orders. Close all Pending BUY orders. Clos
              45 USD
              Free automatic Fibonacci is an indicator that automatically plots a Fibonacci retracement based on the number of bars you select on the BarsToScan setting in the indicator. The Fibonacci is automatically updated in real time as new highest and lowest values appears amongst the selected bars. You can select which level values to be displayed in the indicator settings. You can also select the color of the levels thus enabling the trader to be able to attach the indicator several times with differe
              Scalping Expert Advisor trades from daily support and resistance levels. Trading expert does not use indicators. Recommended use a broker with 5 signs and a low spread. To protect the account from trading during spread expansion, added parameter: "MaxSpread", in which you specify the maximum allowable spread (15-20 pips). A month opens 16-18 deals on average. Benefits: Expert always uses Takeprofit, Stoploss and Traillingstop; Expert does not use a grid or martingale system; Expert can work with
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              Trade Panel is a multifunctional trading assistant. The application contains more than 50 functions for manual trading, and allows you to automate most of the trading actions. Attention, the application does not work in the strategy tester. You can download a demo version on the instruction page. Instruction + demo version here: – https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/751127 The main features of the application: Work with any trading instrument (Forex, CFD, Futures and others) Work with all symbols
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              Experience exceptionally  fast trade copying with the Local Trade Copier EA MT4 . With its easy 1-minute setup, this trade copier allows you to copy trades between multiple MetaTrader terminals on the same Windows computer or Windows VPS with lightning-fast copying speeds of under 0.5 seconds. Whether you're a beginner or a professional trader, the Local Trade Copier EA MT4 offers a wide range of options to customize it to your specific needs. With 10000 activations, it's the ultimate solution f
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              Drag and Drop Trade Manager. Draw your entry and have the tool calculate the rest. Advanced targeting and close portions of a trade directly available in tool (manage trades while you sleep). Market order or limit order on either side with factored spread. Just draw the entry, the tool does the rest. Hotkey setup to make it simple. Draw where you want to enter, and the stop loss, the tool calculates all necessary risk with your desired % risk. Check out the video for a breakdown of how it looks
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              Fast Copy MT4
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              4.68 (105)
              The program allows you to locally copy transactions between different MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 accounts in any direction and quantity as quickly and easily as possible - an intuitive interface allows you to quickly understand the main settings of the program without reading additional descriptions, and powerful functionality will satisfy the demand of even a demanding user. The program is designed to work on "Windows PC" and "Windows VPS". Any type of copying is available MT4 - MT5 MT4 - MT
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              Vladislav Andruschenko
              4.69 (64)
              Trade copier for MetaTrader 4.   It copies forex trades, positions, orders from any accounts. It is one of the best trade copiers   MT4-MT4, MT5 - MT4   for the   COPYLOT MT4   version (or   MT4 - MT5 MT5 - MT5   for the   COPYLOT MT5   version). Copier  version for      MetaTrader 5  terminal ( МТ5 - МТ5, МТ4 - МТ5 )-  Copylot Client MT5   The unique copying algorithm exactly copies all trades from the master account to your client account. The product is also noted for its high operation spee
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              The product will copy all telegram signal to MT4   ( which you are member  ) , also it can work as remote copier.  Easy to set up, copy order instant, can work with almost signal formats, image signal, s upport to translate other language to English Work with all type of channel or group, even channel have "Restrict Saving Content", work with  multi channel, multi MT5 Work as remote copier: with signal have ticket number, it will copy exactly via ticket number. Support to backtest signal. How to
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              GPT Assistant 4
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              5 (1)
              After the purchase, please contact me and I will send you   Trade Republic   for free GPT Assistant is a groundbreaking utility that takes your trading to the next level with its advanced analysis and comprehensive insights. This one-of-a-kind tool is set to revolutionize the way you approach the market, providing you with an edge like never before. The setup process is quick and easy. By simply enabling algorithmic trading and allowing WebRequest for listed URLs, you unlock the full potential
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              Chat GPA MT4
              Renate Gerlinde Engelsberger
              5 (11)
              Add the AI assistant to the chart. This tool is a versatile and intelligent AI assistant Talk to the AI, get advice from it, give it orders Can be used in all charts, time frames, symbols, markets and... With a very simple and beautiful user interface Friends, this tool cannot be used in backtesting . You can only use it live . To learn more about this tool, you can watch the videos on the YouTube channel. This tool is an artificial intelligence assistant that you can chat with. You can
              50 USD
              Trade Assistant GS
              Vasiliy Strukov
              5 (14)
              The Trade Assistant is designed for the manual trader who needs assistance to manage orders.  First analyze the trend by using a good indicator like Gold Stuff .  Once you have established the main trend, start your orders with the Trade Assistant and use the “buy” and “sell” buttons on panel of the chart to open orders.  The trader can choose to build a grid with or without a multiplier, or just use a single trade according to the different options in the setting. Real-time results can be view
              50 USD
              MT4 to Telegram Signal Provider is an easy to use fully customizable utility that allows sending of specified signals to Telegram’s chat, channel or group, making your account a signal provider. Unlike most competing products, it uses no DLL imports. MT5 Version:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/78603 Check out my new Order Manager Utility:   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/95716 Setup A step by step user guide is available at:   https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/747833 No kn
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              Take control of your forex portfolio. See instantly where you stand, whats working and whats causing you pain! MT5 VERSION AVAILABLE HERE:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/58658 The Trade Manager Dashboard is designed to show you at a glance where each position you have in the forex market currently is, and make risk management and exposure to currencies easier to understand. For traders that scale into the market gradually with multiple positions or those trading grid and basket strate
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              CAP Strategy Builder EA
              MEETALGO LLC
              4.95 (20)
              The top-selling EAs on the market cost a lot and one day they are suddenly gone. This is because one strategy will not work in the forex market all the time. Our product is unique from all others in the MQL Marketplace because our EA comes with 34+ built-in indicators that allow develop strategies every time.  You build your strategy and keep updating it. If one strategy does not work, simply build another all using only one EA. This is A ll-In-One EA in this market place. You can use as trade m
              69 USD
              Advanced trading tool: One click smart orders that execute under your conditions Developed by trader for trading community:  position size calculator (lot size), open position after price action, strategy builder, set and forget trading, mobile notifications... Risk Management -  Risk percentage position size calculator, gain percentage, target risk reward ratio, spread and commissions are included in calculations 7 Advanced order types   - Set and forget trading with price action automation
              118 USD
              FTMO Adam AI 2
              Vyacheslav Izvarin
              ADAM AI 2 Special Version for FTMO 100k ACCOUNT MT4 No Martingale No GRID Our 2nd EA created using AI ChatGPT technology Trade only GOOD and checked PROP FIRMS  Default parameters for Challenge $100,000 Tested on EURUSD only  Use 15MIN Time Frame Close all deals and Auto-trading  before Weekend at 12:00GMT+3  Friday For Prop Firms MUST use special Protector   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/94362 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
              1 800 USD
              Grid Manual MT4
              Alfiya Fazylova
              4.73 (15)
              Grid Manual is a trading panel for working with grid strategies. The utility is universal, has flexible settings and an intuitive interface. It works with a grid of orders not only in the direction of averaging losses, but also in the direction of increasing profits. The trader does not need to create and maintain a grid of orders, the utility will do it. It is enough to open an order and the Grid manual will automatically create a grid of orders for it and will accompany it until the close. The
              45 USD
              The product will copy all  Discord  signal   to MT4   ( which you are member  ) , also it can work as remote copier.  Easy to set up. Work with almost signal formats, support to translate other language to English Work with multi channel, multi MT4. Work with Image signal. Copy order instant, auto detect symbol. Work as remote copier: with signal have ticket number, it will copy exactly via ticket number. How to setup and guide: Let read all details about setup and download Discord To MetaTrade
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              Trade Assistant Pro 36 in 1
              Makarii Gubaydullin
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              Multifunctional tool: 65+ functions, including: Lot calculator, Price action, R/R ratio, Trade manager, Supply and Demand zones Demo version   |   User manual   |  MT5 Version The utility doesn't work in the strategy tester: you can download the Demo Version HERE  to test the product. Contact me for any questions  / ideas for improvement / in case of a bug found Simplify, speed up and automate your trading process . Expand the standard terminal capabilities with this dashboard. 1. Open a new tra
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              TakePropips TradePad Pro
              Eric John Pajarillaga Aldana
              5 (4)
              TakePropips TradePad Pro  (MT4) includes a powerful trade manager, equity protection, currency strength meter, account reporting tools, risk management tools, and more! It is the perfect companion for manual traders and prop-firm traders. It is one of the most advanced forex trade manager and trade assistant that you will ever come across! It is the perfect solution for traders who wants a more efficient way of managing trade transactions. You can download the user manual and installation guide
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              Konstantin Kulikov
              4.62 (13)
              Present to you the useful robot that I have been using for several years. It can be used in both semi-automatic mode and fully automatic mode. The program contains flexible settings for trading on the news of the economic calendar. It cannot be checked in the strategy tester. Only real work. In the terminal settings, you need to add the news site to the list of allowed URLs. Click Tools > Options > Expert Advisors. Check the option "Allow WebRequests for listed URL:". Add this (delete the spa
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              Equity Protection EA
              5 (2)
              Equity Protection EA MT4 General Features: Full control over the results of a trading session.- Controls the overall result, for all forex symbols, indices, metals, stocks, etc. Control is done over the global equity.- Close all trades, on all symbols, when reaching a profit or loss rate.- Changeable configurations in both amount and percentages.- Protection of results by trailing stop global.- Record of results achieved for the session (greater equity and lower equity).- All calculations a
              99.90 USD
              ATTENTION POWERFUL TOOL!!! If you are here, it is because you are curious about performing the Forex tool. The tool you on the real movement that Forex market, using real mathematical calculations based on the variation. Because Forex is math. CONTACT.  Math is not an opinion. Forex Tool execution is based on this very mathematical relationship that exists between various currency pairs. You will know in advance in the blink of an eye which currency pair you can focus on for maximu
              1 999 USD
              Everything for chart Technical Analysis indicator mt4 in one tool Draw your supply demand zone with rectangle and support resistance with trendline and get alerts to mobile phone or email alert -  Risk reward indicator Video tutorials and manuals   here .  Find contacts on my   profile . 1.   Extended rectangles and trendlines Object will be extended to the right edge of the chart when price will draw new candles on chart. This is rectangle extender or trendline extender. 2. Price touch alert
              98 USD
              Sergey Malysh
              5 (1)
              FiboPlusWave Series products Ready-made trading system based on Elliott waves and Fibonacci retracement levels . It is simple and affordable. Display of the marking of Elliott waves (main or alternative option) on the chart. Construction of horizontal levels, support and resistance lines, a channel. Superposition of Fibonacci levels on waves 1, 3, 5, A Alert system (on-screen, E-Mail, Push notifications).    Features: without delving into the Elliott wave theory, you can immediately open one of
              875 USD
              Trade Copier Pro
              Vu Trung Kien
              4.54 (13)
              Trade Copier Pro is a tool to copy trade remotely between multiple MT4/MT5 accounts at different computers/locations over internet. This is an ideal solution for signal provider, who want to share his trade with the others globally on his own rules. One provider can copy trades to multiple receivers and one receiver can get trade from multiple providers as well. The provider can even set the subscription expiry for each receiver, so that receiver will not be able to receive the signal after that
              149 USD
              Telegram MT4 Signal Trader
              Nguyen Van Anh
              4.84 (74)
              Telegram MT4 Signal Trader  is an EA that helps you trade signals receiving via all types of Telegram channels/groups. WARNING! This system doesn't work on Mac OS. Therefore, if you want to run the system, you should install a Windows emulator on Mac OS. You even don’t need to be the owner of the channels. If you can read the signal texts in your Telegram account, you can trade them all. The EA needs an  awesome  free tool – the   Telegram Reader  app that helps read texts from Telegram throu
              199 USD
              VirtualTradePad mt4 Extra
              Vladislav Andruschenko
              4.96 (54)
              Trading Panel for trading in 1 click. Working with positions and orders! Trading from the chart or from the keyboard. Using our trading panel, you can trade in one click from the chart and perform trading operations 30 times faster than the standard MetaTrader control. Automatic calculations of parameters and functions that make life easier for a trader and help a trader to conduct their trading activities much faster and more conveniently. Graphic tips and full information on trade deals on
              50 USD
              FX28 Trader
              Tsvetan Tsvetanov
              5 (1)
              Multifunctional dashboard for currency traders. Simple and Intuitive Trading Interface. Separate lists with Individual trades and combined net positions for each symbol. Open, close and manage positions with one click. Ability for semi-automated grid trading with stealth orders. Multiple options to preset automated pyramiding strategies up or down. Track and manage large number of open trades across multiple symbols. Bulk modification of SL and TP orders. Modify unlimited number of SL/TP le
              139 USD
              Trade Manager to help you quickly enter and exit trades while automatically calculating your risk based on % of the account or a monetary value. Trades can be managed automatically and the account performance metrics can be visualised in a graph using the panel’s rich features which enhances the MetaTrader 4 platform.   IMPORTANT The Trade Manager does NOT work in the strategy tester. If you want to try a free trial for 7 days please send me a message. Visual Risk:Reward Tool Visually see you
              60 USD
              More from author
              Easy Virtual Trader
              Anoop Sivasankaran
              5 (9)
              Setup Easy Virtual Trader > Input your Rules > You are ready to trade from mobile or another EA or anywhere....Let robot manage your Trades !  This powerful EA will help you manage ALL or SPECIFIC trades automatically based on your PRE-SET rules and settings Once it is setup and running on just one chart, you don't need to monitor your orders anymore, the software will keep watching and control your orders with your predefined rules You can trade from your desktop MT4 or from your mobile appl
              50 USD
              Easy Trade Manager MT5
              Anoop Sivasankaran
              4.56 (16)
              Thank you users for all your great reviews  ! Enter the Risked Amount or Lot size or % of Balance (New!) Drag the RED line on the chart to fix the Stop-Loss. Drag Blue line (New!) for Limit/Stop orders automatically ! Adjust TP1, TP2 and TP3 lines You are ready to Buy/Sell > Adjust the lines even after the trade Reviews - https://tinyurl.com/etmreviews Check the user video -  https://tinyurl.com/etmmt4ea Check updated information on - easytrademanager.com Automatic Breakeven TP1/2 | Book
              40 USD
              ETM Premium MT5
              Anoop Sivasankaran
              Easy Trade Manager   New Panel updated..! (Thank you users for all your great feedback!) - More Hidden killer features soon! Enter the   Risked Amount   or   Lot size or % of Balance (New!) Drag the   RED line   on the chart to fix the Stop-Loss. Drag   Blue line   (New!) for Limit/Stop orders automatically ! Adjust   TP1, TP2 and TP3   lines You are ready to   Buy/Sell > Adjust the lines even after the trade - New! Check the user video -   https://tinyurl.com/etmmt4ea Automatic Breakeven TP
              Michal_Chytry_666 2022.09.09 14:57 

              Hey, The program is still not working properly, when you open (start) a trade /pending order/ the SL or TP line is not displayed, there is no question of subsequent movement with them. Even the SL and TP pip sizes I set in the pending trade are not displayed in the MT4 status bar for the open trade. The program is therefore completely non-functional!!! Please remove these major errors, in case it doesn't work I would like to ask for a refund. Sincerely Michal

              Anoop Sivasankaran
              Reply from developer Anoop Sivasankaran 2022.09.09 17:09
              Hey Michal, The SL and TPs are hidden but will be executed.I have sent you a direct message to help out, understand your trading plan and suggest the best setup as I have helped each and every customer who have trusted the Easy Trade Manager. Thanks again.
              Oluwasegun Gbadebo Fanegan
              Oluwasegun Gbadebo Fanegan 2022.07.25 18:37 

              Can you please bring back the version with a magic number option. The reason why I bought this is because the advert showed I could input magic number but the latest version doesn't have the option

              Anoop Sivasankaran
              Reply from developer Anoop Sivasankaran 2022.09.09 18:49
              Hi fanegano. I have you sent a message with an option/idea.
              Jak Bausa
              Jak Bausa 2022.06.20 02:44 

              The developer was really helpful, even though I made a wrong purchased (MT4 version which should be MT5) he help and guided me to install the MT5 version. Great Support, don't hesitate to try out his other products.

              Anoop Sivasankaran
              Reply from developer Anoop Sivasankaran 2022.09.09 17:04
              Thank you Jak
              Sam Waiharo
              Sam Waiharo 2022.05.28 13:02 

              crazy bugs especially when u load on two different charts

              Anoop Sivasankaran
              Reply from developer Anoop Sivasankaran 2022.05.30 05:53
              Thank you Sam for the feedback. We have released over 25 versions and helped out each and every customer on a one to one basis. We are happy to look at your setup and help out. Have messaged directly to help. Thanks
              Vinu k
              Vinu k 2022.04.04 13:03 

              works gr8

              Anoop Sivasankaran
              Reply from developer Anoop Sivasankaran 2022.04.06 04:19
              Thank you so much Vinu!
              Tricktrick 2021.11.14 02:09 

              This is the best EA so far, simple and easy to use.

              Anoop Sivasankaran
              Reply from developer Anoop Sivasankaran 2022.04.06 04:19
              Thank you so much.
              Colin Lovelace
              Colin Lovelace 2021.07.19 19:05 

              I just purchased this EA last week and I am extremely happy. I have been searching for ages and this does the trick.

              Anoop Sivasankaran
              Reply from developer Anoop Sivasankaran 2021.08.29 18:57
              Thank you so much Colin. Please have the latest update and you will be impressed.
              GWDFX 2021.07.07 11:56 

              Bought this EA a few months back and have found it very helpful with the placement and management of trades. Anoop is very helpful if there is any questions also.

              MetroPanda 2021.05.23 18:52 

              just purchased... how can i install into web terminal? I click on install on terminal and nothing happened???

              Anoop Sivasankaran
              Reply from developer Anoop Sivasankaran 2021.05.23 19:00
              Hey, You will have to download it on your Desktop MT4 application. I have sent you a message to help out.
              Amit Yadav
              Amit Yadav 2021.05.11 15:09 

              Hi bro can you plz add hotkeys for close partial order close .I purchased the ea .

              Anoop Sivasankaran
              Reply from developer Anoop Sivasankaran 2021.05.12 04:12
              Hey Amit, I will work on this and thank you for the review. You can move the lines towards the price to partial close. Eg. If you want to partial close TP1 and you are in profit, just move the TP1 line near the price.
              39048084 2021.04.22 00:00 

              How do I get some technical support? I purchased the EA a few days back and when I click to buy or sell, nothing happens. I might be doing something wrong

              Anoop Sivasankaran
              Reply from developer Anoop Sivasankaran 2021.04.22 05:03
              Hi I have sent a message to help out. You can also read easytrademanager.com/faq and see if you have a smiley face on the right top side of the EA.
              Kay S.
              Kay S. 2021.04.13 16:56 

              Hi, I only just started using the EA but the lines keeps jumping back and forwards when dragging them carefully to adjust the price levels, thanks in advance for a solution, please watch the screen recording https://www.screencast.com/t/HcCtEKY1R4m5

              Anoop Sivasankaran
              Reply from developer Anoop Sivasankaran 2021.05.14 20:56
              HI Kay, thats because the EA moves with the price if you don't have any trades. I have messaged messaged you directly on an easy way to use it and take advantage of it. Always start with SL line, TPs you can change after taking the trade.
              jstorc80 2021.02.22 16:55 

              I never leave reviews for EAs or Indicators but this has helped my intraday trading so much that I thought I should. I works exactly as advertised. If you use a trading system that requires you to get into trades quickly and scale out of positions than this would greatly benefit you. I just take the trade now and let the trade manager take over. Worth every dollar!

              Anoop Sivasankaran
              Reply from developer Anoop Sivasankaran 2021.05.14 20:57
              Thank you so much. Really appreciate your time and comments! More features coming soon!
              cafeconleche77 2021.01.23 12:55 

              Best market execution and pending order and management tool anywhere.

              Advantis International Inc.
              Jay Urban Greenlees 2021.01.17 16:46 

              Fantastic Expert Advisor. Works great and is pretty easy to use. I recently passed phase 1 of FTMO's $100k challenge and Easy Trade Mgr definitely helped me pass by being able to manage trades better. Magic Trail was also a great help in protecting capital. Anoop's video is very informative. He has also provided very timely and easy to follow instructions when I ran into a technical snag on my end. Highly recommend Easy Trade Manager.

              SunnyCoast 2021.01.15 07:20 

              I'm very impressed with this EA's functionality and with Anoop's care for the people who purchase his product. Definitely practice with this EA on a DEMO so you are confident with how it is used and follow Anoop's advice to use it on a VPS. Cheers.

              John Winsome Munar
              John Winsome Munar 2020.12.27 09:15 

              Thanks for this amazing product. It works well! Very useful.

              coreymoss 2020.12.24 04:26 

              I love this tool, I was using a free one before but it only had one tp. I always had to open 2, 3 or 4 or more trades. I love this, I have only used it in demo as it's the week of Christmas and I'm not trading my regular account and it was the perfect opportunity to try it out. It has been great for scalping. If I was to make one suggestion for a future version it would be to set SL and TP based on the ADR (not the ATR). On the H4 I like to set SL at 1.5 ADR and move to BE when price hits 1 ADR. Great product, since money management is key this is highly recommended. Thanks Anoop for a wonderful product.

              Giulio Franceschini
              Giulio Franceschini 2020.11.30 18:43 

              Grazie Anoop da tempo cercavo un gioiello come questo, comprensibile e completo di tutti i parametri necessari , chiunque abbia una strategia ha terminato di passare ore davanti al PC. E' sufficente un controllo ogni tanto. Approfitto per chiederti se possibile aggiungere un tasto EXIT per chiudere le operazioni in qualsiasi istante sarebbe un optional perchè non trovo nulla di mancante.

              Gregory Thomas
              Gregory Thomas 2020.11.17 05:22 

              my name is Greg and i just got off the phone with Anoop. i haven't had any customer service that treated me so well. He took his time and walked me through some issues i was having without berating me or belittling or sounding arrogant. he was easy to talk to and very humble in his demeanor. i probably will buy some more of his products just because he was so professional in helping me get the software up and running.. thanks Anoop have a great day

              Reply to review
              Version 26.0 2022.06.20
              - New Line Stabilization feature - Click once and move.
              - Magic Trail Update
              - Lines can be moved even if you select Ratios as settings after the trade.
              Version 25.10 2022.03.25
              Fine tuned during limit orders for Risk calculations.
              Risk calculations now match your strategy to show the exact value booked.
              Magic Trail adaptation to the volatile market conditions.
              Version 25.0 2022.03.08
              - New faster Panel Navigation
              - Codes upgraded with Magic trail algo correction for trend
              - TP1, TP2 and TP3 lines profit booking correction to show actual profit.
              Version 24.0 2021.10.25
              New Features > flip the lines, Hide the lines. Magic Trail Fine tuned ; More stability to the lines.
              Version 22.0 2021.07.20
              - Added Stoploss and TP line stability for the Easy Trade Manager
              - Fine tuned settings
              Version 21.0 2021.04.12
              - New Partial Loss Feature
              - Be codes updated
              - Magic Trail fine tuned as per the conditions
              Version 20.0 2021.01.16
              New Easy to use floating panel
              Better User Experience
              Quick use Close buttons on the panel
              Live Trade Tracker
              Fine Tuned Magic Trail
              Step Break-even Functionality
              Hide TP2 and TP3
              Version 19.0 2020.11.02
              - The update has fine-tuning for the FTMO
              - Spread has been fine-tuned
              - Magic Trail Fast has been adjusted to the Current Market Situation
              Version 18.0 2020.10.06
              - Added one more option for Breakeven
              - Panel alignment of V17 corrected
              Version 17.0 2020.10.06

              - Added Spread True/False with fine tuning
              - Partial Profit booking fine tuning for future versions
              - Default Panel Placement changed
              Version 16.0 2020.06.26
              - Magic number gets automated - No more Magic number
              - Unique Stoploss Assist - Especially ATR - Stoploss assist on screen
              - Windows10 update for Panel resolution
              - Hidden & Hard Stoploss options
              - Settings update for easy understanding
              Version 15.0 2020.04.24
              Code corrections -
              - Magic Trail Short Fine tuned
              - SL entry from Panel Enabled
              - BE at 1/2 TP1 & 1/4 TP2 fine tuned
              - Hidden SL is disabled for this version - Under Enhancement
              Version 14.0 2020.04.15
              A lot of fine-tuning into this version -

              - EA becomes faster and moves with the market
              - Dynamic price from the Panel
              - Dynamic calculation of pips,$ value, Price shown on the lines
              - Hard Stop-loss option to enable/Disable
              - Settings adjustments
              Version 13.0 2020.03.16
              - Lot Size fine-tuned in Panel
              - Risk Updated to Amount/Lots and % Balance made simpler
              - New features to breakeven
              - Settings Updated
              Version 12.0 2020.02.17

              - % Balance Calculation on Chart
              - Lot Calculation on Chart
              - Enabling Hidden features for Scalping tricks - Will be explained directly to existing users
              Version 11.0 2020.01.22
              - Minor corrections on the default setting
              - TF switch on Limit Orders fine-tuned
              - Fine tuning of Magic Long Trail settings
              Version 10.0 2020.01.03
              - StopLoss Assist feature added
              - StopLoss Assist (Orange line) will have ATR, SAR & Fractals
              - Trailing Alog ( Magic Long & Magic Short) fine tuned
              Version 9.0 2019.12.22
              Version 9 Updates ;

              - % of Balance added - Now set 2% of the balance and let the EA calculate the lot size
              - You can change the SL, TP lines even after taking the trade
              - You can change the time frame without any issues
              - Trail from Buy added
              - SAR levels added on display to help your Stoploss levels while manual trading
              Version 8.0 2019.10.17
              Default Setting Updated
              Now you can "Input Amount" from the panel
              Line selection made smoother when Limit/Stop Trade= false
              Setting Panel Explanations added
              Version 7.0 2019.09.14
              - Updated Magic Trail Settings to handle Short term as well as Long Term Trades to make it easier for any one to understand. Just select how you are trading in settings - Long or Short

              - Updated settings to the best possible default options based on backtests
              - Updated comments
              Version 6.0 2019.09.08
              5 new amazing changes to the Easy Trade Manager 6.0

              - Drag Blue line (New!) for Limit/Stop orders automatically
              - Adjust Green Line TP1, 2 & 3 ! ( New! ) based on candle structure
              - Adjust the levels from the panel if required
              - Trail profit from TP1 or TP2 in settings
              - Amazing new algorithm called "Magic Trail" which will automatically sense market momentum/volatility and adjust/trail! try it!

              Code fine tuning done.
              Version 5.0 2019.04.13
              No major changes,just panel color/alignment corrections to suit all layouts.
              Version 4.0 2019.04.11
              Parabolic SAR Trail Stop fine tuned after TP2 is booked; You can catch the full trend; Colours of the panels corrected.
              Version 3.0 2019.03.21
              A lot easier way to now use the EASY TRADE MANAGER 3.0


              -You can now use the RED line in the graph to adjust the stop-loss ( Pips calculation will automatically be done)
              -You can enter the Amount to be risked in the PANEL
              -The SL when you attach the EA is 20 pips below price by default - change it the way you want.
              -You can see the TP1,2 change as you move the SL
              -When you BUY/SELL lot calculation automatically done ( if the setting is LOT TYPE is "AUTO" )
              Version 2.0 2019.01.07
              Panel set to right side and colors corrected.