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Growth and Balance indicator

The indicator is designed for visualizing trading results directly in the MetaTrader 4 terminal without using third-party services.

This indicator will help you analyze your trading system, find its disadvantages, view results for selected symbols, trading direction and Magic number of closed deals. It displays information in the form of a linear chart and histograms on any timeframe, taking into account both balance and equity of the trading account. Three chart drawing modes are available.


Choose Indicator Type

  • Indicator Type - 3 deals information display modes:
    1. Growth - graph of profit shown as % of balance.
    2. Balance - account balance chart showing trading results and deposit/withdrawal operations.
    3. Profit - graph of profit/loss in deposit currency.

General settings/filters

  • Show Currency - ALL, Current Currency (the currency of the current chart)
  • Show Order Type - direction of orders: ALL, Only Buy, Only Sell.
  • Magic Number Filter - if "ALL Magic" or an empty value is set, all orders will be analyzed. You can specify desired numbers separated by a comma (,) for a more detailed analysis.
  • Show Text Label - show information text in the left corner of the indicator window. Disabled if false.

Display Indicator settings

  • Show Main Line - display the main line of trading results for different chart types.
  • Show Histogram - a histogram of account profit/drawdown. Not applicable in the Balance mode.
  • Show Equity Line - the line drawing begins after attaching the indicator to a chart. Also, values from a file are loaded.
  • Show Main Line Dots - a change in returns is shown as dots on the Main Line.

Other settings

  • Write Equity to File - writing equity values to a file to upload history later after indicator re-initialization. (Since the equity value cannot be obtained from the deals history, the indicator writes it to a file every 15 minutes. After closing the or removing the indicator from the chart, this data can be restored the next time you use the indicator)


  • Before using the indicator, connect your trading account in the terminal (also in the testing mode).
  • When testing, the date must be specified not earlier than the actual time when trading on the account started.
  • The entire available history must be shown in the "Account history" window (right click - "All History").
  • Before running the indicator on the chart, you need to download quotes for the necessary timeframes. If the indicator is not displayed, switch between timeframes.
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