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Parabolic SAR Dashboard Multi timeframe

Multi-timeframe Parabolic SAR dashboard allows you to add and monitor PSAR trends. The multi-timeframe Parabolic SAR dashboard will save you a lot of time and gives you a single view of the markets using PSAR. In short, you can just view one window and get a snapshot of up to 21 instruments on your MT4 platform.

The indicator opens in a sub-window.

Below are the features of the PSAR Dashboard Indicator

  • Modify PSAR Settings: The PSAR Dashboard comes with default PSAR settings of 0.02 (Step) and 0.2 (Maximum)
  • Monitor 9 default time frames: From M1 - MN time frames
  • Add custom time frames (using MT4 period convertor script): H2, H3, H6, H8, H12, D2, D3, etc....
  • Monitor 21 instruments simultaneously
  • Set up different options for alerts (pop up/email/sound)
  • Blue UP Arrow = New PSAR uptrend started on the timeframe
  • Red DOWN Arrow = New PSAR downtrend started on the timeframe
  • Red Sloping Arrow = PSAR downtrend in progress
  • Blue Sloping Arrow = PSAR uptrend in progress

Indicator Setting Description

  • Symbols: Add up to 21 symbols separated by a semi-colon; (ex: EURUSD;USDJPY)
  • Addition: If there are some extensions you add here (ex: If your symbols are EURUSDm, then in Addition you enter m)
  • Timeframes: Enter the timeframes for which you want to track the PSAR separated by semi-colon ;
  • Alerts On: Toggle True/False to enable/disable alerts
  • Play Sound: Toggle True/False to enable/disable sound alert
  • Show popup: Toggle True/False to show or hide pop up
  • eMail: Toggle True/False to send email notifications
  • Step: 0.02 (default PSAR setting)
  • Maximum: 0.2 (default PSAR setting)
  • TextColor: Change text colors
  • myFont: Change fonts
  • colorHead: Change text colors of the headings
  • UpColor: Color to show when PSAR is up or changes trend to up
  • DownColor: Color to show when PSAR is down or changes trend to down
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