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VR Calculate Martingale

This is a simple and convenient tool for average price calculation.

The indicator allows to manually create a grid of virtual orders with different lot values, as well as to calculate the average price, maximum drawdown of orders and required margin.

Using the indicator, you can analyze and create any combinations of orders, as well as analyze trading strategies based on:

  • A grid of order
  • Order reversals
  • A set of trending/countertrend/flat positions
  • Other strategies

You can launch multiple indicator copies. To do this, change the Prefix parameter (the parameter value should be different for each copy).

Running multiple copies allows you to explore more complex systems of trading position calculation and analysis, order combinations, required margin, etc...


  • Prefix: several symbols to prevent confusion between different program copies
  • Start Lot: initial lot for calculations
  • Skins: color scheme. If Manual, you can create your own scheme using the following settings
  • Background: background color
  • Bordier: border color
  • Text: text color
  • Buy Button: color of the Buy button for opening virtual orders
  • Sell Button: color of the Sell button for opening virtual orders
  • Buy Background: window background color for Buy position
  • Sell Background: window background color for Sell position
  • Vertikal Line: vertical line color
  • Current Price: color of the label simulating a price

Demo version.

Mikhail Tsygankov
Mikhail Tsygankov 2016.05.14 23:42 

Пирамидинг, усреднение, стоп-переворотные стратегии, сетки ордеров итп. Наглядно, в несколько кликов. Для меня большая экономия времени. Отличный инструмент!

Version 16.2 2016.02.11
Fixed the object display, now the indicator creates the objects correctly during the price analysis
on deep history.
Version 16.1 2016.01.08
Improved the inputs operation.
(Now, they actually affect the performance)

Ability to launch multiple indicator copies.
(To do this, change the Prefix parameter in each new copy)
You can move the info window. To do this, activate the window by double-clicking in the upper left corner.

Ability to select a color scheme or create a custom one.
(To do this, set Skins to Manual and change the colors in the settings)