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Customer 2018.01.12 03:31 50+ USD

Hi there, i've been trading this system manually for a while and would like a script to run to maximise profits and exit/enter the market when sometime price moves a little too fast to catch.

what i am looking for:

- enter on exponential moving average tap (14, 50, 89 and 200) on chosen timeframe (1, 5, 15, 30, 1, 4, D) or even better a box to manually write any number.

- exit the market on moving average tap on chosen timeframe OR chosen points (box to write x points) can be different timeframe to entry.

what makes this a little harder is that these moving average levels change, and need to keep up with changing figures.

to give a visual idea on the script

Lot:                    MA Type:

ME: x  __            TP in pips: x   __

Entry TF:            Exit TF:

Entry MA:           Exit MA:

            Buy     Sell

If Market execution(ME) is selected (x) entry criteria not allowed

if TP in pips is selected (x) allows box to be filled therefore exit criteria not allowed

optional: - MA type (I really only use exponential but would love the ability to change to simple or weighted)

its easy enough to create your own script to place orders when these levels are hit. However, nothing to turn profit on moving averages that are constantly changing. Thanks!

ExpertsScripts, MQL5

Developer 2018.01.12 07:24
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Developer 2018.01.12 07:24
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Developer 2018.01.12 03:55
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