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Finish Optimize and Give ideas to my project EA ( code requiered)

2017.12.08 Experts


Hi there , i Need a freelance , pro-active , ready to do this optimization for me , i don need the top one coder of the world but i need a Forex Expert , Able to Adjust my strategy , add my managment loss functions to the final project and develope a on Trade() function that will post all trade summary to a file.php ( file.php not requiered to be code).

Im also coder , so im looking for a coder/forex expert not jealous whit his code , because i will add my lines to final project ass well.

To star this i need This professional ready to work ( proactive and nice person to deal is fundamental) . My last project was whit a non so Communicative coder , in fact coder looks more like a robot ready to code lines whit no interest in final product , so this kind of superstar coder whit lot of stars is not required.The Coder  will need to optimize and make my existing EA code workable( winner) , strategy of buy/sell is already coded and have very good results ( sure any additional confirmation signal that coder want to put is welcome).

Strategy need to work a little bit whit the Managment strategy , already have a martingale strategy coded there , i need just some expert person in Forex able to help me adjust my levels.

Also i have some other compiled EA i want to replicate some functions , this is also very very welcome if coder can help whit this.

Last think is add Account validation to ea ( rental purposes).

Im looking for a long ter professional. we will be working non stop develope lots of EA and Indicators

Well let me know your interest in this


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25% / 25%

Project information

30 - 94 USD