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Customer 2016.09.21 19:34 10 - 100 USD   from 1 to 7 day(s)

Dear Freelancer's,

We are looking a developer to provide us two php pages one for

New Account Opening Form

Deposit and Withdrawal client trade account from our website

if client send us withdrawal request and we approved that withdrawal then amount will deduct from client trading account or if we deposit from website then its automatically deposit in client trade account.

We need the PHP Code with MYSQL database.

if anybody can do that then please contact me for this job.

Shubham Shubham

Shubham Shubham 2016.09.23 10:51
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Oxana Tambur

Oxana Tambur 2016.09.22 14:29
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Rahul Sangra

Rahul Sangra 2016.09.22 08:42
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