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I personally believe that, while technical skills are important, Exceptional Customer Service sometimes takes precedence. He was best in both in my first job with him
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I am incredibly grateful for your patience throughout the development . Moreover, your brilliant ideas and deep understanding of the market context is commendable. Look forward to serving you again.


This trading program is a component of a larger trading program that I need. This order only represents a part of it, so goes without saying I am looking for a partnership and a developer with reliable history. 

I'm breaking this program because of my past experience at this platform. While I met brilliant developers but when it comes to Mathematics and logic building, they eventually failed, resulting in my wasting my time. If you are too occupied and if you want me (your customer) to modify his requirements to your code - Please don't bother bidding on this project and wasting both of our time. (I hope you understand by now that time is of essence for me here. 

This program consists of a trading program and a back-test software with report generation. You have to allow me to test the back-test program to see if it functions exactly as how I want it to. 

The primary platform for which I will be using this program is DERIV's synthetic indices. Please do a little research about it if you are not familiar with it because I will be sending you a list of questions to pre-screen developers who are aware of the properties of these indices. After Pre-Screening - I would expect a small video call to be sure that you are familiar with the requirement. (I'm open for you to ask questions and then we will finalize the requirement). 

On successful completion of the project - we will close this job & I will be adding another job (hopefully with the same developer) to add more features to the existing program. Every subsequent addition will serve as a separate job so it will be a chance for you to win a long term job. This way, we will both be able to build confidence in each other since I cannot risk all of my budget in one single job and facing disappointment. 

For obvious reasons - my bias is towards developers who are fluent in speaking English language, good with basic level mathematics and with little or no history of arbitration. 

Thanks in advance 


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