Multi time frames, Multiple Assets; DIVIDE the lose money into different asset/timeframe

MQL5 Experts Scripts Python


Requirement steps for Expert Advisor  s

BINARY Trading  Markets  such iq option, olymp, binomo,  etc.,  FOREX  as well

We need a provisions and choices setting described below,

Make EA with all choices  but  will be filtered the usages upon the Necessity

After experiments  need to be standardised,,

1. Run Multi time frames, Multiple  Assets

 Such 1min , 5 min, 15 min, 20 min s

Ie, same asset we need to run each time frames

2. Uni direction  ,

Using martingale, loss positions covered by profit position

 Up fails down ,down fails UP

3. Up only

4. Down only

5. Correlated lost control   ie.,

 If one asset or time frames continuously fails  another asset(s) or time frame (s)  back up the loss and ending with profits, by DIVIDE the lose money into different asset/timeframe

6. Target figure settings ie, amount of profit, after that trade must stop ,

 Lose prevention numberS TO stop the Trades

7. Strategy selection   Risk Management ,Indicator selection tools

8. Stop / start time selection settings

9. Choosing assets by volatility / broker given pecentage .Choosing assets through Indicators ., (refer olymp robot settings ).

10. Judge asset closing time well in advance And stop trading those identified 

11.  EA stop working while side ways markets while side ways candles formed, specially trade 1 minute candle expirations

12. COPY TRADING OPTIONS to run many accounts .Strategy testing and  Back testing  Options

13 . Significantly we need a CODE BASE SOFTWARE with MT5,  PYTHON as our team member familiar with python, With back end and front end .

Need an option for EDITING or change in future in the SOFTWARE (EDITABILITY)

Add martingale loss/win strategy , we simply want to add a strategy by multiplying each trades such 0.1*2, 0.2*2, 0.4*2 so on..

Need a provision setting changing the numbers

  Importantly if lose goes more than three times diversify the losses into other assets IMPORTANTLY

If WE MISS any mandatory choices please add the options and choices


Slightly the idea referred from olymp robot, please refer from them

But they are not providing multiple asset, multi time frames, loss dividing into other assets


Developer 1
20% / 60%
Developer 2
43% / 43%
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