Momentum deviations(RSDMomDev & HistMomDev) in buffers so I can select which one to show within the "framework"..


I want to check momentum deviation of RSD and Histogram, using data that we already have within the framework. I looked around the internet found one indicator with the same name( Free download of the 'Momentum deviation' indicator by 'mladen' for MetaTrader 4 in the MQL5 Code Base, 2021.12.12). but i don't want to use momentum of price/price itself. but the momentum of the indicator, so this will be a custom momentum,  I was also looking at this explanation, they use RSI as an example to measure momentum( Trading Divergence and Understanding Momentum ( example which include velocity,  which we just completed as histograms, inside the environment( Relation Between Kinetic Energy And Momentum - Derivation, Graph ( Maybe "RSD & RSD_Histogram" can act as mass, and new histograms(completed project) act as velocity, then apply mathematical equation to find this momentum and plot results as moving average within the environment. I don't know, it seems that we have all details, they just need smoothing, and planning..

According to

If "byjus" is right about momentum application, we are close. But how about deviation, is it look back allowance of trend agreement..? I don't know..! What does that code of momentum deviation tells us about deviation prospects..?

this is all data we will use, for this application..

Only developers who checked details can apply, see you in the chatroom, for more info..


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