An Expert Advisor WIth Fibo and Dow Theory 70% Winrate H1 TimeFrame in GOLD Spot


I,ve trade and backtesting my trading system espesially in XAU/USD with dow thery and Fib retracement to get entry position, Take profit with 1:2 risk reward ratio.

my trading rules is describes technically below: 

Entry Triggered

Limit Pending Order                               Exit
wait for 38,2 at bullish/bearish               Close Order With 1:3
50-61,8 medium buliish/bearish (MEAN)   Close With 1:2
61,8-88,6 at Sideways Market (MEAN)      Close with 1:1,5
Breakout Strategy                                   Close With 1:1

Our Strategy
Wait for trend direction forming
Use 45 degree trendline to identify power of trend
Minimize trade in the edge of trend and ranging trend
Use Trendline to draw the dow theory
Always looking forward minor S/R to entry
Better opportunity with SnD area
Confluence area with fib retracement will make money easily
Money Management
Always use 2% Risk Per Trade

This my backtest H1 TF Result in 160 trades
Deposit $10.000
Number of trade 160
Win 114
Loss 46
Win Percentage 71,25%

My 163x Backtest Result in Graph

I hope we can get good EA with my logical idea and we need to improve and develop to be better Profitable Trading Tools

Im Trade with this system manually

so if we get something to get simpler why not

and we can make money too

i hope it help everyone


Developer 1
Developer 2
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Project information

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For the developer
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from 1 to 10 day(s)