I like to run Robust linear regression on EURUSD and USDCHF tick data on MT5 terminal as a python scripts.


I like to plot the regression residuals and the slopve value of the regression.

I like to execute market buy and sell orders based on the regression residuals.


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Hello, I wish to get an EA developed for MT5 as per my desired strategy. It's a complex & layered strategy, someone with good communication skills & coding understanding would be highly preffered. EA will be based on Grid system & will be making decisions on predefined actions as per different market conditions. There will be no indicators involved in it, so trades performed by EA will be based on pure mathematical
Need EA robot to read signals from my channel in Telegram and execute commands on my MT4 account. The Telegram signal consists of three entries - currency, time period and buy/sell signal The EA would use the first two to ensure the correct chart & time period is used. The third would be instuction to buy/sell. On signal The robot would: - close any current positions limit above or below close (if tp not used) -
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Dear Experts, the goal is an EA that trades with Moving Average, vWap and/or Reverse Fractals and/or Stochastic Momentum Index. 1. Concept The idea of the trading system is as follows: market entries are performed when MA crossover, vWap Crossover, SMI and Fractals give Buy/Sell signals in the current trend direction. Trend given by Moving Average (MA1) and/or 2 MA Crossover (M2,M3) and/or vWap. 2. Trend Trend is
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i want an EA that is based on RSI where when the rsi period cross the 50 level or a candle cross and close of 2 EMAs(slow and fast) a signal should come after the close of the particular candle which cross the 50 level or the EMAs. This EA will close a trade when another counter signal pop up, the EA wont have TP but there will be stop loss of 10 pips behind the signal candle in case of spike and a trialing stop i

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