Mt4 vs another platform with different pricing

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Howard Resources
Howard Resources  


are there another platform besides Mt4 that have different pricing?

Say EUR/USD on mt4 @ 1.10500 and on another platform at 1.10550 or 520  

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

Same platform but with different brokers may be the following:

1.10500 (one broker) and 1.10503 (the other broker) for example (especially during the high impacted news time) - because forex market related to the data/quotes is not centralized.
So, it may the difference during some short period of time for intra-day trading (minutes or ticks) but not a big difference (the difference may be related to the 5th digit only).
This difference may be important in case you subscribed to the signal, and signal provider is making the trades on scalping way taking 1 or 3 pips in profit in very short time during high/medium impacted new time. But you can select same broker with signal provider, and you will get same price with him with no differences.

So, this very small difference may be ignored in usual trading or coding (in most of the cases). 


I mean:
1.10500 vs 1.10550 - not.
1.10500 vs 1.10501 or 1.10503 - yes but mainly during the very short period of time (during the news for example).

If your price is on 4 digit (1.1050 for example) so it is same price for any broker.

Just my experience.

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