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Multiple initialization of indicator using iCustom function

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TT77 2016.11.01 10:38 


I have an indicator that it is drawing himself on separate window at the bottom of the chart (#property indicator_separate_window). When I insert it into an expert advisor I wrote, at each value change on the market it reload the indicator and causes to the expert advisor to stucks the computer due to multiple windows that just keep opening for the "new" indicator.

 I never had this kind of behavior on other EAs I wrote. This is the first time it happen and I do not know why.

Does  the EA, on each market change initializes (init()) and de-initializes (deinit()) the indicator when using the iCustom function?

Someone may knows why is it happen?

Thank in advantage. 

Stanislav Korotky
Stanislav Korotky 2016.11.01 11:29  
Most likely, you have an error (probably a typo) in parameter list passed to the indicator. Check the number and order of parameters please.
TT77 2016.11.02 07:34  

WOW, I can't believe it was that.

How stupid mistake.

Thank you very much. 

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