How can I set my ea with security? Can you help me, pleae?

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Murat Yazici
Murat Yazici  


I have an EA. I want to insert security code in it.

I want to do that the EA works till spesific date and time.

For example; I want that the EA works till Oct 15, 15:30 pm.

Secondly, I wa nt to hide my EA's code.

Can you help me, please?

Finally, I want that the EA works for spesific parity.

Forexample; the Ea works for only XAUUSD and EURUSD parities.

I will be waiting for your help.


Murat Y.

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  

If MT5 so you can read this article:

Securing MQL5 code: Password Protection, Key Generators, Time-limits, Remote Licenses and Advanced EA License Key Encryption Techniques

"Most developers need to have their code secured. This article will present a few different ways to protect MQL5 software. All examples in the article will refer to Expert Advisors but the same rules can be applied to Scripts and Indicators. The article starts with simple password protection and follows with key generators, licensing a given brokers account and time-limit protection. Then it introduces a remote license server concept. My last article on MQL5-RPC framework described Remote Procedure Calls from MetaTrader 5 to any XML-RPC server."

"I will make use of this solution to provide an example of a remote license. I will also describe how to enhance this solution with base64 encoding and provide advice for PGP support to make ultra-secure protection for MQL5 Expert Advisors and Indicators. I am aware that MetaQuotes Software Corp. is providing some options for licensing the code directly from the Market section. This is really good for all developers and will not invalidate ideas presented in this article. Both solutions used together can only make the protection stronger and more secure against software theft."

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