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Indicators: iFractals 4all TF

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Automated-Trading 2016.09.29 17:08 

iFractals 4all TF:

Buy or sell just by looking at the "arrow" as a signal. Very easy and simple.

Chart EURUSD, D1, 2016.07.19 07:33 UTC, Trading Point Of Financial Instruments Ltd, MetaTrader 4, Demo

Author: Bujang Senang

Zsuzsanna Agnes Meszaros
Zsuzsanna Agnes Meszaros 2016.11.08 15:47  


This indicator dont work. Only in the last candles to see in future it has not. 

David Inem
David Inem 2016.12.13 16:03  
This indicator does not update in real time. Any suggestion's?
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