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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2016.09.23 09:40 

New article LifeHack for trader: "Quiet" optimization or Plotting trade distributions has been published:

Analysis of the trade history and plotting distribution charts of trading results in HTML depending on position entry time. The charts are displayed in three sections - by hours, by days of the week and by months.

This article offers a slightly different look at the process of creating a trading robot. Before running the optimization of input parameters, you can simply look at the distribution of profits and losses depending on the time of entry. After all, many strategies have "favorable" and "unfavorable" moments for entering the market. This article considers plotting distribution charts of position profitability (please note, not deals, but the exactly positions!) depending on their opening times. After studying these charts, it will be possible to look at the strategy from a slightly different point of view.

The charts are plotted by calling the Google Charts. And for their visual representation, the HTML has been selected. Schematically, the distribution charts are displayed on the page as a table:


Fig. 1. The appearance of the HTML report 

Author: Karputov Vladimir

Andrew Kreimer
Andrew Kreimer 2016.09.24 23:46  
Great work!
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