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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2016.08.23 12:35 

New article LifeHack for trader: four backtests are better than one has been published:

Before the first single test, every trader faces the same question — "Which of the four modes to use?" Each of the provided modes has its advantages and features, so we will do it the easy way - run all four modes at once with a single button! The article shows how to use the Win API and a little magic to see all four testing chart at the same time.

Why did it happen? Imagine that the file consists of a set of cells that are following each other. Each cell contains one character. So, when something is written into the file staring from its middle, the cells are in fact overwritten. If more characters are added than there were originally (as in the example above: originally there was "df=12", and then two more characters were written - "df=1256"), then the additional characters simply corrupt the further code. That's how it looks like:

write string

Fig. 10. Information corruption.

Author: Karputov Vladimir

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