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Creating a restriction

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c.robredo 2016.09.15 16:03 

How is it the best way to create a restriction ? (expert, script)

Assuming that I will be trading (not a robot)

- In the beginning of the day I can choose my limit loss equity and max tolerance.

- If I lost a trade, and my equity is lower than my limit loss, the software don`t allow to open new positions for the day.

- If during the trade, my loss is higher than max tolerance, all the trades are closed automatically.

Thanks a lot

Jose Francisco Casado Fernandez
Jose Francisco Casado Fernandez 2016.09.24 14:46  
I don't know if I have understand your question, but if you want to monitorize trading, you need along the day, you need an EA. Scripts only runs once when you attach them to the chart. Regards.
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