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Jermaine Wedderburn  

Is everyone answering for the same trading style or is it random answers here

DD for long term traders might be different than daily or swing traders

I haven't ever seen a drawdown of 5% and due to my trading style i refuse to have it .. simply means that im risking a few cents to earn a few more cents!!

Well said...
that is provided you have a tight stop loss or use a small lot size, then your drawdown will not exceed 5%. I believe that is the case with you.
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Basic Principles - Trading Operations - MetaTrader 5
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is an instruction given to a broker to buy or sell a financial instrument. There are two main types of orders: Market and Pending. In addition, there are special Take Profit and Stop Loss levels. is the commercial exchange (buying or selling) of a financial security. Buying is executed at the demand price (Ask), and Sell is performed at the...
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I like 5% because then I can double down to 15% but I'm not comfortable doing that often.