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return code of the server 3396333104

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el3reef 2016.08.20 15:11 


 i face this error and i can't find the solution

 return code of the server 3396333104

 i'm using this function 


uint SendRandomPendingOrder(long const magic_number,string Symbol_name,double open_price,string order_type,double lot,double Stop_Loss,double Take_Profit) 
//--- prepare a request 
   MqlTradeRequest request={0}; 
   request.action=TRADE_ACTION_PENDING;         // setting a pending order 
   request.magic=magic_number;                  // ORDER_MAGIC 
   request.symbol= Symbol_name;                      // symbol 
   request.volume=lot;                          // volume in 0.1 lots Stop_Loss;                                // Stop Loss is not specified Take_Profit;                                // Take Profit is not specified      
//--- form the order type 
   request.type=order_type;                // order type 
//--- form the price for the pending order 
   request.price=open_price;  // open price 
//--- send a trade request 
   MqlTradeResult result={0}; 
//--- write the server reply to log   
   if(result.retcode==10016) Print(,result.ask,result.price); 
//--- return code of the trade server reply 
   return result.retcode; 


el3reef 2016.08.20 15:29  

now the above error disappeared and new error appeared ! 

return code of the server 32759
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