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Discussion of article "Interview with Andrey Bobryashov (ATC 2011)"

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2012.12.06 05:56 

New article Interview with Andrey Bobryashov (ATC 2011) is published:

Since the first Automated Trading Championship we have seen plenty of trading robots in our TOP-10 created with the use of various methods. Excellent results were shown both by the Exper Advisors based on standard indicators, and complicated analytical complexes with weekly automatic optimization of their own parameters. But still we have never seen an Expert Advisor based on the wave theory competing with trading robots based on neural networks and enhanced mathematical models. The author of this unusual trading robot Andrey Bobryashov (tmt0086) believes that there is nothing difficult in that.

The Expert Advisor description states as follows: "Testing was performed by club participants". Is your strategy based on the wave theory?

Not exactly. The strategy is based on the levels breakout using the standard ABC formation, but orders are placed not at extreme values but at the breakout levels of the "Folding Rule" less than Time Frame. The Folding Rule is used in a simplified form described at one of the forums by trader "Teon" who also took part in the trading robot development. The forthcoming project is called Eva in honor of the newly born and very lovely niece of the project founder who is crazy about wave analysis, by the way.

We think, a plenty of very interesting information has fallen now on our readers. Can you explain in a few words what the "Folding Rule" is and where our readers can find additional information?

That is an excellent question. The Folding Rule is a very simple strategy that can be mastered by any trader. If you want to know more right now, you may google it but I'm going to issue a detailed description of the strategy and the Expert Advisor at the above mentioned web portal.

Author: Automated-Trading

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