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what really gain on forex trading?

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Eko Rediantoro
Eko Rediantoro 2016.07.12 02:37 
  • 45%
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Milan Celjak
Milan Celjak 2016.07.12 15:49  
others : banks and brokers
Jose Francisco Casado Fernandez
Jose Francisco Casado Fernandez 2016.07.23 23:54  
Milan Celjak:
others : banks and brokers
Sure, but we can gain too. It requires a hard work, though. Regards.
Kossi Lanzo
Kossi Lanzo 2016.08.05 11:29  
hard work on developing good strategy, manual trade. off course those who have good strategies may not appear in public and sell their systems. 
Petr Baskakov
Petr Baskakov 2016.08.08 10:26  
the worker Torgovyya Sistema making fixed profit is not on sale - there is no sense.
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