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Discussion of article "Interview with Vitaly Antonov (ATC 2011)"

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New article Interview with Vitaly Antonov (ATC 2011) is published:

It was only this summer that Vitaly Antonov (beast) has learned about the upcoming Automated Trading Championship and got to know MetaTrader 5 terminal. Time was running out, besides, Vitaly was a newcomer. So, he randomly chose GBPUSD currency pair to develop his trading system. And the choice turned out to be successful. It would have been impossible to use other symbols with the strategy.

It seems that your Expert Advisor is written without using MQL5 Wizard, as the Expert Advisors written with the help of Wizard make entries into the Experts log.

I have written the code the way I used to do it - from scratch. Therefore, I have deleted everything MQL5 Wizard had created by default. There are no log entries, as the algorithm is simple and I can easily understand what my Expert Advisor is doing.

The trading robot contains MACD indicator. When the Expert Advisor receives a buy/sell signal, it calculates the probability of the fact that the price will actually fall/rise. Depending on received results and the current balance, a lot size is calculated and an order is positioned.

The main words here are "the probability of the fact that the price will actually fall/rise". How have you managed to implement this?

I have calculated everything manually before the Championship and made an assumption that these probabilities will always be the same when similar signals are received. The Expert Advisor acts better in case of considerable price oscillations. For example, the GBPUSD curency pair is calm now and its balance chart is in almost horizontal position.

ATC 2011 participant Vitaly Antonov (beast)

Author: Automated-Trading

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