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Automated-Trading 2016.07.01 10:54 


It can be used as a standalone EA or as a method of recovery from losses

Author: Виталий

Marc Boggs
Marc Boggs 2016.07.12 04:38  
It always seems to hit stop out shortly into testing.  All gains are quickly lost.
André Ricardo
André Ricardo 2016.11.19 19:12  

Olá amigo! 

Por gentileza, poderia me ajudar

a descobrir o parâmetro ideal para este EA?

Meu saldo é de $10, ele fez lucro,

mas como sou iniciante, não sei configurar

o parâmetro ideal.

Desde já fico agradecido Marcboggs!!

LukeB 2016.12.14 02:03  
Same EA with Error Checking, and a little display of total orders and margin used.  The EA includes this line:if( Profit1==Profit2*(-1) ) // exactly opposing orders; closem
I wondererd if that could ever be executed. So, I introduced code to count it, and tried. Up until the ea died with margin stop, it didn't, even in the perfect world of no slippaged and constant spreads of the strategy tester.
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