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Scripts: Period converter

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Automated-Trading 2016.06.30 17:20 

Period converter:

It is designed to create a non-standard symbol period based on the use of the standard period.

Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp.

Victor Epand
Victor Epand 2017.01.16 09:43  
The script "Period converter - script for MetaTrader 4" works one time when the script is attached, but it does not automatically refresh as claimed "...will be updated every 2 seconds (by default)".
Tradert618 2017.02.21 11:05  

Hi All,

I have used the "P4L PeriodCon 509" to convert my 15 min chart to a 45 min chart, and what is nice is that you can shift the time that the beginning of the candle starts. I'll explain below.

For example in Daylight Savings Time the market would open at 07:30 (on the MT4 server time), and my 45 min candle would run from 07:30 to 08:15, but when Daylight Savings Time changes, the market would then open at 06:30. The problem now is that my 45 min candle is now from 06:30 to 06:45 (only 15 mins for the first candle), then next candle includes the 30 mins from, what should have been, from the first candle and 30mins from the second candle....If you know what I mean.

The problem with the "P4L PeriodCon 509" is that I can't run my EA...It just won't trade, even if I switch off the "Offline" in the chart properties.

So good that it does the time shift....Bad that it won't let me trade EA.

I have also tried the "Period Converter" script in MT4...That allows me to trade the EA, but doesn't have a "Time Shift" function for when Daylight Savings is an issue.

So good that it allows my EA to trade on the correct 45 min chart....Bad that I can only let it run correctly for half the year because no "time Shift.

I have tried adding the code in the script for the time shift by subtracting 3600 seconds from the time section of the creation of the .hst file, but I am not a great programmer.

I added an "input int TimeShiftinSeconds=3600", then had the "rate.time*" subtract the TimeShiftinSeconds from it....but no luck.

So I put it out to the MQL4 world for someone to help put the "Time Shift" function in the script of the "Period Converter"....Or somehow get the "P4L PeriodCon 509" to allow trading of some EA's.

Thank you all so much, and happy trading.



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