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Question about volume

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1552877 2016.06.15 23:17 


I am an absolute beginner on Meta Trader 4 so please forgive me if this is an stupid question.

I've subscribed to an signal wich is making trades and working fine. I only have one question about the "volume" indicator because it looks like as if it is trading with verry smal amounts unless there is 10.000 EUR deposit on the demo account. Does the meta trader calculate the volume of the openend position in proportion to the signal so for example if the Signal has 100.000 on its account and i've 10.000 that meta trader is buying and selling 10% of what te signal is trading with? 

I hope someone can explain this point a little more to me,

Kind regards, 

Alejandro Cuartas
Alejandro Cuartas 2016.06.24 09:02  
I think is like you say, the system calculates the percent of the operation and your account balance.
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