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Discussion of article "Alexander Anufrenko: "A danger foreseen is half avoided" (ATC 2010)"

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New article Alexander Anufrenko: "A danger foreseen is half avoided" (ATC 2010) is published:

The risky development of Alexander Anufrenko (Anufrenko321) had been featured among the top three of the Championship for three weeks. Having suffered a catastrophic Stop Loss last week, his Expert Advisor lost about $60,000, but now once again he is approaching the leaders. In this interview the author of this interesting EA is describing the operating principles and characteristics of his application.

The first question is traditional, Alexander: How have you come into the world of automated trading?

Frankly speaking, I am a newbie. I've been interested in Forex for several years, and about a half a year ago I got acquainted with automated trading. My friend from Minsk who has long been working with it "dragged" me into there. He told me that it's interesting and profitable. In Brest it is poorly developed. But I studied in the Belarusian State Economic University, so I'm not very far from it. I'm a venturesome person. Closer to the Championship I began to study the program more actively. Naturally, I wanted to try my luck.

As for my relationship with the computer, I would call myself a confident user, that is I use many programs, and I have some idea about programming. Your website is very useful - it contains various articles and ready-made codes. I believe you strive to ensure that everyone can enjoy your product. Having an idea about programming, you can understand the code, change criteria in the blocks and create your own system. I believe there will be more participants in the next Championships - new Expert Advisors will be published in the Code Base, modifying which you can get your own system. And it's great, that's what robots are needed for - it's like you don't have to know thoroughly all the principles of a computer to be able to use it. Specifically I visited the website when learning MQL4: when I needed to consider a separate command, I found its detailed description (at the time MQL5 was slightly raw, it seemed to me). I didn't have much difficulty in learning the new language, because I worked most with articles and blocks, not with separate commands. And I am not an expert in programming, but it is not necessary for the Championship, I think.

Why did you choose the one-minute timeframe?

I thought it was the most volatile of all, with promising probabilities of earning. But I think that it is not so important - I could work also with one-hour timeframe, or even a 4-hour one, as the entry time is closer to hour or even 4-hours. Now I would probably reconsider this position and correlate the entry with the exit. But as they say, "a danger foreseen is half avoided". Although, probably then everything would have been different.

Author: Automated-Trading

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