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Discussion of article "Interview with Ilnur Khasanov (ATC 2011)"

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New article Interview with Ilnur Khasanov (ATC 2011) is published:

The Expert Advisor of Ilnur Khasanov (aharata) is holding its place in our TOP-10 chart of the Automated Trading Championship 2011 participants from the third week already, though Ilnur's acquaintance with Forex has started only a year ago. The idea that forms the basis of the Expert Advisor is simple but the trading robot contains self-optimization elements. Perhaps, that is the key to its survival? Besides, the author had to change the Expert Advisor planned to be submitted for the Championship...

Can you express your own ideas concerning a successfull Expert Advisor? What are the principles it should be based on?

That is an interesting question. I think that the final result is the most important thing here, as we want to get profit. Of course, an Expert Advisor must be stable and well-protected from many risks. I changed my views concerning trading for two times. The first time it happened when I had suffered losses on a real account, and the second time - when I had started to make profit (though the sums are quite modest so far and profitability comprises 10 - 20 percent per month). In any case, trading can be a good business, as you don't have to deal with quarterly reports, staff, paper-work and all other elements of bureaucracy.

The number of your messages at is not so big. Where are you looking for ideas and associates?

Yes, I have not left too many messages. But I don't spend too much time now sitting at my computer. I prefer web site, as it is really good (I would even say, it is a Perfect Web Site for People). I always read the forum and the articles attentively. I just like to learn new things. As for ideas... I look for them myself. Sometimes, I can learn something useful from other people. For example, the posts of Boris Odintsov (bobsley) during the previous Championship grabbed my attention.

Ilnur Khasanov (aharata)

Author: Automated-Trading

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