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Libraries: Pips to Point Conversion Function

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Automated-Trading 2016.05.30 14:25 

Pips to Point Conversion Function:

This is a function. It is used to detect whether broker is 4 or 5 digits. As MetaTrader 4 calculates everything using point basis, coder can use this function to convert pips to point for machine reading.

Author: Cher Nian Goh

Siti Latifah
Siti Latifah 2016.05.31 05:43  

I usually use like below

double pip;

if (Digits==2 || Digits==4) pip=Point; else pip=10*Point;

//exmaple= stoploss*pip;
Mohammad Soubra
Mohammad Soubra 2016.06.06 11:25  
Good idea
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