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Indicators: Trading Volume Indicator

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Automated-Trading 2016.05.30 13:56 

Trading Volume Indicator:

Trading Volume indicator shows the volume of buying and selling trades on the current bar or on average of specific number of last bars as you want . Both volumes are shown simultaneously with green and red colors for buying and selling trading volumes respectively.

Author: Peter Eskander

Francis Dogbe
Francis Dogbe 2016.05.31 14:54  
Thanks alot
Trader_Tony 2016.06.21 10:06  

Thanks Peter, looks as though could be very useful, will try it out. I see there is a possibility to move the display position, could you please instruct on how to do that. Many thanks again. Tony

 PS, i`v worked out how to move the display now and am now curious as to what average period value have you found that appears to be effective for intraday and swing trading strategies. Thanks again. Tony.

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