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Compilation : error free, EX5 attached (error 533)

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Icham Aidibe
Icham Aidibe  


Compilation :

0 error(s), 0 warning(s), compile time: 2485 msec               1       1

Attachement to a chart :

2016.05.26 18:16:13.167 MTea    invalid EX5 file (533)

Previous attachement to the same previous chart : successful.

Any idea ?

PS 1 : After check, all EA compiled from that compiler produce the invalid ex5 file error. (MetaEditor 5.00 1325). Gonna check with a new version.

PS 2 : Okay, so using the last version, the compilation works, but init failed. I've watched my init(), and it appears all lines are well executed, excepted that "f*ing" (sorry, enough to turn vulgar) one :

   m_symbol.Name(Symbol());              // symbol --------------------> CSymbolInfo       m_symbol;      

That class on that compiler, compiled with no errors :

'SymbolInfo.mqh'        SymbolInfo.mqh  1       1
'Object.mqh'    Object.mqh      1       1
'StdLibErr.mqh' StdLibErr.mqh   1       1
0 error(s), 0 warning(s), compile time: 15 msec         1       1
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Rafal Wieczorek  
This sounds like a platform bug. You should report that to service desk. I've reported similar bug and I hope it'll be fixed soon.
Gary Niemand
Gary Niemand  


I am also having the same problem. On EAs/Indicators that have worked previously.

It only seems to be on DEMO accounts though??

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