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Changing candle in history data

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Hello everyone!

I'm building a training data for my genetic neural networks.
What do i do is, go throught entire history data with CopyOpen .. CopyLow
then I normalize the change between open[i] - open[i - 1];
I'm also using iCostom and other indicator functions.

Now here's what I want to do:

For example I am at the candle shift 107 ( candle shift is the number what iCustom function takes as parameter int shift)

I first would push the candle's (high low open close) into my training data how it is, ( pushing also what iCostom and other indicators functions are showing )
then I wanna change those candle's (high low open close) so that it would simulate tick data.
The problem is that I don't know how to change the candle data so that indicators with iCostom or what ever iFunction would return that updated value of how they would return when changed candle actually looks like that for real.

Any ideas or should I perhaps use tradegy tester to do that? ( which seems a horrible idea cause it simulates way too many ticks for one candle and also I can't control how it does it )
Thank you! 

sooooo memory patching it is?
I could replace candle data in ram and somehow trigger those indicators to recalculate.

It should be really easy to find memory address for history data array since I can infect metatrader with my dll.
I don't really yet know how to scan memory.

Is this really only solution?
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